Ready to buy Blu-ray? Better hit pause button

The high-definition DVD format war may be over, but not the battle for eyeballs and dollars when it comes to viewing high-def movies.

With Toshiba's announcement Tuesday that it's abandoning the HD DVD format it helped create, leaving Sony's Blu-ray the winner, consumers may feel they have no choice but to buy a Blu-ray player in order to enjoy movies in HD.

There are good reasons to wait. Among them are the cost of the players, which range between $400 and $500 and are expected to remain at that level in the months ahead, said Rob Enderle, president of The Enderle Group research firm.

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ITR3710d ago

Either buy now or wait for a price drop.
I'm actually waiting on the DMPBD50K from Panasonic with BD Live support.
When the BD50K hits the BD30K will hit the $300 range really quick. (give it 3 months)
We'll see price drops on 2.0 profile players this holiday season.

fenderputty3710d ago

disagreeing with Hatchet here. The PS3 is actually the only BD player out now that can be upgraded to 2.0

nicholascage243709d ago

This comes from MSNBC ---a microsoft owned website.

so PLeaseeeee report this STORY as SPAM/LAME

Carbon3709d ago

400-500 range... I just bought 2 samsung Blu-Ray players from amazon for 299 each... what a mo-ron.

longduckdong3709d ago

what do you think they are going to say.

If it wasn't bad press it would be none at all from them on this

ITR3709d ago

Thing is not everyone wants a PS3. Not everyone is a gamer.

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Anything but Cute3710d ago

we were already warned about the bitter pundits.

Anything but Cute3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

is the key word. MSNBC telling people not to buy Blu ray. There's other options like amazon, tivo, cable companies providing movies in HD channels.

This is pathetic.

AdamBombastic3709d ago

The only next gen players that became obsolete are HD-DVD. Maybe this uneducated journalist needs to look up the meaning of the word. All first gen blu-ray players will play blu-ray. That is what people bought them for, to watch movies. Big whoop if 2.0 is adding more features. I rarely even watch the special features, etc; maybe just the deleted scenes. I am just not that interested in investing more time in a movie with boring special features. I would rather pop in another actual movie. Just an ignorant (possibly intentional given the source) writer trying to grab attention amidst all the articles hyping blu-ray's victory.

fresco3710d ago

to sell more PS3'S :)

once it hits 200 i'll pick one up

mightydog013710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

It microsoft spreading fud what did you except.... they talk bull sh1t.... they are on the losing end and they know it so this is there normal tactic cause they know blu-ray in the ps3 with a reliable hardware is the better system And they rush theres out and shot themself in the foot.... ITS CALL FLAPPING WITH THE TAIL BETWEEN THERE LEGS.... You got to laft really tut tut tut lol..... look at gdc epic showed unreal tec demo using gears gfx and microsoft said yeah gears 2 coming more bull fudge you as me yeah its coming but not soon did epic say they making it now where the screen shots microsoft .... This years the ps3 and 09 count on it.....

resistance1003709d ago

What a nub. Blu-ray players are dropping in price all the time.

You can now pick up a standalone blu-ray player in the Uk for £199.99.

Players will drop more in prices now as more companies will start making blu-ray players and will be competiting with each other which will lead to lower prices for the consumer. Plus the fact that the cost to develop blu-ray drives are dropping all the time.

Expect there to be a range of blu-ray players out by the end of the year for around £125 in uk and $200 in USA. IMO

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The story is too old to be commented.