PS3 game patches can now be downloaded in the background

By manipulating the PlayStation Plus Automatic Update feature you can now download game patches in the background, and new system information screens displayed during the process suggest this is a planned feature which may be officially implemented in a future firmware update.

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badz1491982d ago

OMG this is GREAT NEWS especially for those like me with slow connections! many times, I just want to play the damn games offline but still connected to PSN for any incoming messages but can't because the damn game must be updated 1st and the updates are slapped in your face and you can't do shit about it and huge patches are a pain in the a**! 1 of the most annoying feature on the PS3 for me and man was I glad the Vita is different! come on Sony, don't just do this for the PS+ members, this should be done for all games since the beginning!

unchartedxplorer1982d ago

Yeah I haven't touched bf3 ever since that massive 1.5 gig update.

badz1491982d ago

but a 1.5GB update/patch? WTF are these devs thinking?

nukeitall1982d ago

lol.... 1.5GB update/patch!

What the f*** is in it?

Murad-D121982d ago

Being a BF3 premium member i have to download the patch first and then the DLC, so something around 3 to 4 GB every time a new DLC is available.
And i do it with this trick, downloading the patch and DLC in the background

blackbeld1981d ago


Are you jealous?

Just being curious. :)

Lvl_up_gamer1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

@ blackbeld

Why would anyone be jealous about a 1.5 gb patch to the OS so that downloading can b done in the background?

If he only had a 360 and was hooked up to xbl....I assure you he wouldn't be jealous. XBL already allows for background downloads and doesn't need a 1.5 gb patch.

That was a really juvenile question.

Rhythmattic1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I prefer all bandwidth/latency assigned to the task at hand while Gaming online...
I make sure very computer, and console on my network is not downloading anything while Playing MP...

Call me old fashioned.....

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SnakeCQC1982d ago

why did this take soooooo long?

TopDudeMan1982d ago

Yeah, that was long overdue. Mind you, ps+ has automatic update that you can do in your sleep.

Nitrowolf21982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

it's always been available for PS+, you just interrupt it when it's Downloading during it's set time.

Honestly, I don't use it becuase the set time I have it is 4 AM