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BioShock Infinite skipping Wii U

Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine says new shooter not planned for Nintendo's HD system; "nothing is brewing" at all for console. (BioShock: Infinite, Wii U)

NYC_Gamer  +   778d ago
Nintendo better be out there trying to get support from all third party studios
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Godchild1020  +   778d ago
Maybe Take Two will Okay Bioshock Vita, if they will also launch it on the WiiU?
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MizTv  +   778d ago
Didn't they say two years ago they were making a bioshock for vita?
DOMination-  +   778d ago
Yes they did but they haven't started it and i can see them not bothering unless vita picks up
Godchild1020  +   778d ago
@MizTv, Here is a link where Ken said, "It's up to Take Two and Sony." While Sony might be on board for an exclusive Bioshock Vita, Take Two might want it to be Multi-platform. Only time will tell.

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dboyc310  +   778d ago
Third parties don't sell all that well on Nintendo consoles. Said it before and ill say it again. Nintendo will lack third party support just like the wii did because of the different ways the wii u plays games. Unless the third party game is exclusive I just don't see many porting games to play well through the tablet controller.
neogeo  +   778d ago
3rd party games sold great on NES,SNES then did well on GC but the GC it self had a lower install base. Then NIN really lost it on the Wii for hardcore games but 3rd party family games sell great. Nintendogs, cooking mama, dance dance.

Now is Nintendo chance to get back on board with the 3rd party's but they can't be arrogant and wait for it. They need to pound the sidewalks, yell and scream and even offer incentives if need be. I hope NIN knows this is real and the wrong moves could really hurt them this time.
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torchic  +   778d ago
do you honestly think Nintendo cares?
Trekster_Gamer  +   778d ago
They should care. If they think they can repeat what the Wii did they are sadly mistaken. I hope we don't see the same crap only in HD throw in yet the same mario game, zelda and metroid. If they think this will sell Wii U they are in for a very awakening.
Oh_Yeah  +   778d ago
You have to look at it from the other side also. There's a lack of interest from some of the devs I'm sure.. They're the ones that want to sell games right? Obviously they would be the ones approaching Nintendo if they thought it'd be worth it. At this point, some devs are probably just waiting for the the arrival of next gen. And once again wii u will probably end up like the wii..weak in comparison to the other consoles..So even if the devs want to do 3rd party games they'll have to basically make another version.
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Neonridr  +   777d ago
But we are talking about a game that is releasing on the Xbox and PS3, not next gen. The Wii U can easily handle a port of those games.
Muffins1223  +   777d ago
Cant make a game for something that it cant run on...
stuntman_mike  +   777d ago
Condom machines around the world are now crying...are you happy now!
chukamachine  +   778d ago
Ninty does not care about 3rd party.
Riderz1337  +   778d ago
Nintendo doesn't, but gamers do.
GraveLord  +   778d ago
I can't believe THQ made Darksiders 2 for Wii U in their financial situation...waste of money. The game didn't even sell at all.
Neonridr  +   777d ago
the game has been out for 3 weeks in NA and less than that around the world. While sales have been low, it's not like there isn't more potential for sales as hardware units become available and the install base grows.
theindiearmy  +   777d ago
Forget about the game, the console hasn't even been out that long. If you're selling 20,000 copies on a system that only has 400,000 out (more with EU and JPN launches), you're doing really well.

20,000 of 400,000 is 1/20 of the systems sold. 1/20 of a system that has 70m in sales is 3.5m copies, which is a great success for a game. Just for perspective, Darksiders II has about 1.3m in sales total, let alone on a single console.

Also factor in that this isn't even including the digital sales that Darksiders II has done and I'd say it's been somewhat successful.
Dread  +   778d ago
traditionaly Nintendo focuses on first party support. at least it did during the 64 and gamecube era. The wii era only had third party for shovelware. Very few AAA third party games were ever published on the WII.

So this does not surprise me at all.
Trekster_Gamer  +   778d ago
It is NOT the same as it was with the N64 and GameCube era. It is a much much bigger industry and much more diverse and your games need to match this.
Thepcz  +   777d ago
Metroid prime other m says hello

resident evil 4 says hello

house of the dead overkill says hello

okami says hello

no more heros 1&2 say hello

zack and wiki say hello

little kings story says hello

sonic colours says hello

tatsunoko vs capcom says hello

fragile dreams says hello

nba jam says hello

the sky crawlers says hello

muramasa: demon blades says hello

silent hill shattered memories says hello

madworld says hello

sin and punishment 2 says hello

epic mickey says hello

... the countless other BIG games that 3rd party devs took a massive gamble making wii exclusives shout HELLO!
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chadboban  +   778d ago
Didn't he confirm this weeks ago? This is not news folks!
MizTv  +   778d ago
I'm on the edge with the wii u
I feel like its all ports of game I have played the last 4 years
Neonridr  +   777d ago
lol, out of the 30 or so launch games (including eShop) less than 1/4 of the games were ports, and a few of the ports (AC3 and Black Ops 2) were 3 weeks and 1 week old respectively.

I always laugh when people say those games are "old" ports.
MizTv  +   777d ago
all that "I" have seen look to be ports
I'm not going to get a wii u till there are games I want to play
Ac3 me3 darksiders are all games I have played
So tell me what are the good games I can only play on wii u?
CaptainYesterday  +   778d ago
That kinda sucks but what can you do, I'm still hoping for a PS Vita Bioshock :)
ozzywazzy  +   778d ago
Get use to it folks. This has been Nintendo's way for a while. I don't understand why people were expecting any different. It's all about the Mario's and Zelda's.
torchic  +   778d ago
because Reggie promised us. he was so confident, with that video of all those devs openly supporting the Wii U and promising 3rd party support (funny enough Ken Levine was in that video) and the rest of the E3 2011 presentation..

they had me believing as well I was really excited after the reveal but oh well :/
JayBlue  +   777d ago
You didn't read the article, did you?
It wasn't Nintendo's desicions, but Irrational Game's.

But, if we follow your logistic, of course you will find many mario and/or zelda tittles on nintendo, since those are some of their many, successful IP.

Of course the big N would like a better 3rd party support, but if developers don't feel like shipping games for the Wii U, its their choice. So yes, Nintendo will keep doing all their Mario's and Zelda's.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   778d ago
Good thing I am going to buy a used PS3 and a used 360 (when the price goes down).

...Waiting for Samus and Link...
MariaHelFutura  +   778d ago
That is a big one to lose.
AO1JMM  +   777d ago
Did it ever have?
A7XEric  +   778d ago
Given how this game has been in the pipeline well before knowledge of the Wii U I can't say I'm very surprised.
wiiulee  +   778d ago
im sure the game will come to the wiiu as all third parties seem to be on board and the system is off to a great start and just a great unique system...haters will hate though
josephayal  +   778d ago
Linear Game
is a Good game but not worth to buy full price.
WeAreLegion  +   777d ago
I'm sorry... What?
vickers500  +   776d ago
Go to the nearest person you can find and ask them to slap you in the face as hard as they can. Don't worry, it's for your own good.
Gamer78  +   778d ago
Its funny that people whine about ports but it is a launch and ports are a necessary evil. Also infinite is gonna b great but it has been in development for a long time which is why the game is not on the u. This is the same reason metro is not on there. U asses need to stop hating on the system and spewing this ridiculous crap just cuzu don't like Nintendo. I play all systems so no bias here. I just use my head and a lot if the gamers on these sites should try it
nerdkiller  +   777d ago
nintendo better have a hell of a lot of new exclusives too make up for the lack of third party support.
AO1JMM  +   777d ago
"Nothing brewing right now" does not = NEVER.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   777d ago
Nintendo is like a step child they get no love
strigoi814  +   777d ago
oh my! well felt bad for wii u owners..hope this console gets more support from third party developers and have games other than super mario donkey kong and zelda..
RFornillos4  +   777d ago
seeing as Infinite's already delayed, i don't believe Irrational would have the rationale to add another console-to-port-to, to their project, so yeah, it doesn't mean they won't support Wii U in the future; it simply means they're not doing Bioshock Infinite for Wii U.

as for Lego Lord of the Rings, i believe they already explained why it won't come to Wii U, and that is because the Lego Undercover exclusive game for Wii U. again, not a sign of missing 3rd party support for Nintendo since Lego LOTR comes to 3DS.
metroidfusion2  +   777d ago
People need to not assume thhings and do their research lol dont be an ignorant retardes child and I'm sure nintendo is getting plenty third party support especially since I do my research that is something they have been working on and will keep working on from the beginning to the end of the consoles life and beyond and also indie devs will flood the wii u since they can pretty much do what they want to do and don't have to pay for anything and I can't wait to see tge surprises and all of the people playing the wait and see game will put a game or games on the console now or later I'm sure they will wait untill the system has sold several milliobs then hoop on and the ps4 and 720 will not destroy the wii u and that's all I will say on that but do yo research
felidae  +   777d ago
i really don't need another console to play multi platform games. just give some nice exclusives and i'll be fine. Wii U rocks! playing with the gamepad feels fresh ...
gamern4g  +   777d ago
That is sad!

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