Why I Write About Games

"There’s something wrong with your heart."

Around a year ago I was told this at a routine check up at the local doctor’s office.

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TrendyGamers1996d ago

Wow, I had no idea. Great write up Sebastian!

MattyG1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Great article, hits pretty close to home with me. Right now I'm going through a series of tests to determine whether or not I have something called "marfans syndrome". It's a connective tissue disorder that can cause heart problems, most notably a ruptured aortic root. I'm not allowed to play sports anymore due to the chance of physical stress harming my heart, but writing about games is keeping me busy in the meantime. And since I'm only 16 and still in school, I too get told that I shouldn't waste my life writing about gaming. Very frustrating stuff, but I'm glad you're doing okay. Keep up the great work!!

dbjj120881996d ago

Amazing story! Thanks for sharing.

ftwrthtx1996d ago

Great read and great story!

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