Self Destructing Laptop Protects Data

A laptop that can self destruct in order to protect sensitive data has been developed.

Backstopp, from British company, Virtuity, has been developed using intelligent security technology, which detects when a laptop has been moved from an assigned area and blocks access to data.

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Joey Gladstone3684d ago

I'm glad that outlandish movies like James Bond, and Sci-fi movies keep the imaginations of inventors running wild to create real life versions of the fake movie items they see...
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Capt CHAOS3684d ago

And it can be called..
"Go ahead punk, make my day"

GodsHand3684d ago

Nice in theory, but what happens with the valuable data that's been lost.

Im sorry we had the cure to aids, but our laptop was stolen, and the security built in blew it up.