Should Games Become More Difficult Again?

There are very few people left that would argue—without intent to troll anyway—against the notion that the videogames of 21st century are easier to play and finish than the videogames of the 20th.

The quarter munching mentality of the 80s arcade dictated that arcade owners only wanted customers to get in a few minutes of playtime before their lack of Uber Skill sent them reaching for more money as the “Game Over” screen hit them in the face. Games had to be hard because an entire afternoon’s worth of entertainment for just 25₵ is not profitable.

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Chuk51993d ago

There's a smart of doing difficulty and an outdated way. One of the reasons games use to be so brutally difficult, is because they were so obtuse and didn't explain themselves clearly. there was no precedent for clear explanation, and most relied the gamer to through themselves into the grinder and learn. That's before anyone knew any better, but now we know that isn't good game design.

Doing difficulty right in a modern context is hard, but examples like Demon's Souls and XCOM: EU are examples of games that require you to pay attention. Your hand isn't held, but things are explained to those with a willing attention span. Doing difficulty right just requires Devs to set a clear pace for the game and explain the systems along it, and hold the design to its own rules.

After that, they have done their job correctly. Unless it's broken, people that have a problem with the game just don't have the gaming capacity or skill to play it.

jukins1993d ago

Well said good sir well said.

Hasanhastam1993d ago

If harder difficulty be confusing = no

chasegarcia1993d ago

I hate difficult games that have cheating AI.

DragonKnight1993d ago

Depends on what you mean by difficulty. Demon's Souls has difficulty right. Relentless enemies, stage traps, and forcing the player to learn as they go through the game. But "difficulty" meaning AI that just have more HP, or Defense, and hit harder is not difficulty. That's just cheap programming masquerading as difficulty. Make the enemy more aggressive, make more of them, or make them spawn randomly in each playthrough so you never have the same thing happening twice.

But things like giving the enemy a dodge move and not the players (i've seen that in Skyrim) or anything cheap like that isn't difficulty.

Games are too easy these days. Thanks to the casual audience and this damned accessibility phase developers are on.

Dovahkiin1993d ago

I agree entirely, just changing a few parameters shouldn't always be the way difficulty is handled.

BitbyDeath1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Games should be fun and i did not find Demons Souls to be. Playing for an hour or more and messing up once means you have to start from the beginning all over again is not my idea of fun. So i traded it in.

Difficulty should come in smarter AI like what 'The Last of Us' is doing. Not cheap tricks that make you start all over again or have no idea what you are doing like some of the older final fantasy games that make you reach for a walkthrough every few hours cause it doesn't explain where you are to go next yet you have a giant open world to explore.

DragonKnight1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Demon's Souls doesn't have any cheap tricks, and if you think that it does then clearly you just don't get Demon's Souls. The point of dying and starting at the beginning is to teach you to be methodical instead of the ol' CoD mentality of "run and gun." The game is meant to punish you for being stupid and thinking you're invincible. And as for the older FF games, the only one that I remember doesn't explain to you where you're supposed to go is the very first FF game. Any of the other games you have to actually play the game and talk to NPC's.

Man, some people just want to have their hands held in the game all the time.

ApolloTheBoss1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

It depends for me. If it's a story-driven game I like to keep it as easy as possible, because I hate having to start over the same sequences if it's too hard. On the other hand if i'm playing something like a FPS or any multiplayer game I like a little challenge.

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The story is too old to be commented.