5.0 reviews Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements

There's no denying that Dark Messiah has a certain bloody charm, with battles against numerous enemies being both challenging and rather gory. By the end though, things do become a little repetitive, and this prevents the game from being anything truly special. It's also arrived on the Xbox 360 far too late, with recent releases leaving Dark Messiah looking and feeling a little like a budget release. Had the story been stronger and the visuals suitably improved to a level Xbox 360 owners expect, Dark Messiah would have been very easy to recommend. As it stands, it's nowhere near polished enough to be anything more than an enjoyable diversion.

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zornik3655d ago

Bad reviews keep coming.....i'm not going to buy a half baked PC game of almost 2 years old.This game needs to be punished by not buying.