GameTap: Spore Creatures Preview

Dana Jongewaard of GameTap writes: While the PC and Mac versions of Spore aim to open up the whole universe, Spore Creatures on DS narrows that focus back down to the creature phase. Think of it as an RPG with a touch of Nintendogs: You create your character and then nurture and grow it as you explore this world.

There are also over 60 different badges that you can earn throughout the game for completing various missions or goals. Badges carry their own currency, which you can use to purchase body parts if you don't feel like hunting for them. You can also spend badge points to unlock cheat codes that do silly in-game things; for example, one such cheat gives all the characters in the game gigantic eyes. Fortunately, these cheats have an on/off switch, so you aren't stuck with big-eyed creatures for the rest of your playing.

Spore Creatures doesn't have the grand scope of the PC game, but it still looks like it will offer a nice, compact RPG experience when it comes out this fall.

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