The EA Vs Activision war is the start of a new golden era

EA was the market leader in third party publishers for many many years, because they had no real competition they only released average games as people would buy them regardless. Activision then challenged EA, with Call of Duty to answer to Medal of Honour, EA released Rock band to counter Guitar Hero. Both company's are trying to one up each other, creating new franchises and vastly improving old ones...

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nos4speed3702d ago

I have to hand it to EA they have really been increasing quality recently, especially with games like dead space and mirrors edge, and I know there only published by EA but still its a vast improvement on what they used to offer.

thebudgetgamer3702d ago

screw you ea
i kid. this could get ugly though

aftrdark213702d ago

We'll see EA fanboys vs Activision fanboys....

Let's hope that doesn't happen...

bluecapone3702d ago

EA is one of the best publishers around

iceice1233702d ago

Blizzard is with them, that alone is too much for EA to handle.