GTA 5: Rockstar confirms the trailer used in-game footage, nothing pre-rendered

"A couple of days back Rockstar released the second trailer for next year's highly anticipated game: Grand Theft Auto 5. The trailer was full of action, car chases and much more. We did a full analysis of the trailer which you can check out over here. Given the amazing scale and view distance that the trailer displayed, some people disagreed that this was running on a current generation console i.e the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Some even thought that certain portions of the trailer were pre-rendered and was not in game footage."

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xPhearR3dx2218d ago

Nothing news worthy really. Rockstar has always done this.

Psychotica2218d ago

I would like to know the specific system it was running on.

cee7732218d ago

Ps3 is the lead platform

onandonandon2218d ago

Guess which fanboys are disagreeing!!

Awesome_Gamer2218d ago

Funny how people disagree with facts, i know it's not confirmed yet, but every single Rockstar game in the past has been shown on the 360 because that was the lead platform, now that V has been shown on a PS3, people still don't want to believe it's the lead platform, hypocrites.

Hydrolex2218d ago

if PS3 is the lead platform, why would they show the 360 version ? Think wise man

AIndoria2218d ago

@Hydrolex : Stolen From BigStef :
Game Informer’s Editor Matt Bertz confirmed the demo they used to get all those magnificent screenshots from the game were ran using Playstation 3."

NastyLeftHook02217d ago


indubitably2217d ago

"There is no lead platform, they are developing the game at the same time for both PS3 and XBOX360"

There is no lead platform, deal with it. The people disliking aren't fanboys, they just know the truth

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

nope.. They said no lead platform. Same thing they did for max payne.

OccludedGamer2217d ago

The article you guys are sourcing saying they have no lead platform has no ground to stand on. That Examiner article is written based on a forum post.

In the forum post the guy who wrote it also refuses to give a source so it's nothing more than a net rumor and Examiner really need to get their stuff together rather than tout forums as news.

Not that I am actually saying your wrong, just that your evidence is unfortunately useless thanks to Examiner writing such garbage.

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BigStef712218d ago

"Game Informer’s Editor Matt Bertz confirmed the demo they used to get all those magnificent screenshots from the game were ran using Playstation 3."

Clarence2218d ago

That's a beautiful thing. Great for all gamers.

LOGICWINS2218d ago

^^Indeed. The fact that Rockstar is using the PS3 as the lead platform for GTAV says a lot about Rockstar's relationship with Sony in the future. We're entering a brave new world where devs are no longer held back by DVD9 format :)

gedapeleda2218d ago

I hope the game looks as good in full scale as in those shortned pictues.

Muffins12232218d ago

Damn,cant wait to see the pc version of this then.

greenpowerz2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

People are disagreeing because rockstar hyped the PS3 version of GTA4 as being the best/lead showing the PS3 version first as a tactical move to lesson the fanatical PS3 fanboy army backlash due to the PS3 not being as capable with sandbox games design. PS3 fanboys alway make hay over high profile games only to be let down over and over again.

Why should game3rs believe a website's guess when the devs have tricked gamers before?

DVD9 doesn't matter if the PS3 doesn't have enough available RAM to keep up with the 360.

It was smart of the devs to continue to hype the PS3 version again, it's the only way to avoid Skyrim-like backlash. I hope they found a way around PS3's inferior GPU and weak RAM use.

xJumpManx2218d ago

@logicwins, games that stream from the optical drive will run smoother from the faster dvd speed as compared to the slow read speed of a ps3 blue ray drive. You get more space on blue ray but you trade off read speed.

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unchartedxplorer2218d ago

Amazing. I cannot wait for this game.

Locksus2218d ago

Would've rather had the game on next-gen consoles. Would've probably been that much more awesome.

Still excited for the game!

DeadIIIRed2218d ago

Look at it this way, unless they go into another direction, the most feasible location for the first next gen GTA will be Vice City now.

Rumplebumpkin2218d ago

It's been 4 years since GTAIV, I don't think that I could possibly wait any longer.

unchartedxplorer2218d ago

Yeah a bit of a double edged sword that. I mean next gen consoles would be great in terms of performance but rockstar have a lot of experience with the current gen consoles. If they decide to have on the next gen consoles there wouldn't be a huge difference visually since they have no experience on the next gen consoles. Not only that but the game would also sell less because of the next gen's low install base.
Plus there is the extra good couple of months wait for the game again AND you have to buy the next gen console.
Overall moving GTA V to next gen consoles would be a bad idea.

FunAndGun2218d ago

I know the trailer was made with in-game footage, but I REALLY can't wait to see actual gameplay.

dragonrage002218d ago

If GTA IV is any indication, sadly we will have to wait until the game comes out :(

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