GTA V: Graphics Equality With PS3 & Xbox 360 This Time

Techtorial: Here's an analysis showing how GTA V's launch would yield graphics equality for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 unlike its predecessor.

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seanpitt231864d ago

Ps3 going to beat Xbox hands down graphically the true power will show of the ps3 being lead platform dont forget the cell people.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31864d ago

I have a feeling that person was trying to bring across some sarcasm is his comment...I think.

sway_z1864d ago

seanpitt23 stop your fanboy nonsense!

Both versions will be identical as identical can be....I own a PS3, but what you're doing with that comment is a pitiful attempt to start a flame fanboy just quit with the BS!

Norrison1864d ago

Stop fighting for minimal graphical differences on console multiplats.

Lvl_up_gamer1864d ago

GTA 4 has a lower resolution on the PS3 then the 360

Red Dead Redemption was all around better resolution and performance wise on the 360.

At some point R* will have to have built a game that performs better on the PS3...may as well be in the PS3's 6 year on the market.

1 for 3 isn't that bad.

But again we still need to the finished product before we can start pounding our chests which version is better...

XabiDaChosenOne1864d ago

lol why do 360 fans always forget about LA Noire?

chukamachine1864d ago

GTA4 did have higher rez on 360, but also worse shadows.

Considering the engine was built ground up for the 360. R thought they just be able to dump 360 code on the PS3. Then panicked when they realised there wasn't enough ram.

Shaman1864d ago

Because LA Noire wasn't built on RAGE? R* showed PS3 version of RDR too, as well as MP3 and both of them performed better on 360. Make no mistake, I would love them both to be best they can so everybody can enjoy equally, but I wouldn't get ahead of myself with stupid superiority comments.

StanSmith1864d ago

Only 1 Rockstar game this gen has been better on PS3 and that was LA Noire. Red Dead was better on 360 and GTA4/Max Payne 3 was the same on both.

Basically, GTA5 will be the same on both platforms, with the exception of it being a multi-disc release on 360.

Why we have to have this nonsense from fanboys really baffles me. A look back at previous games will show that neither will be superior.

SJPFTW1864d ago

too bad LA Noire was not developed by Rockstar... they were just the publishers, the developrs were Team Bondi

PinkFunk1864d ago

Definitely the pS3 is cell powerful more better than xb0x 360 GPU is crap! Many cells together R Very powerful maybe more than large supercomputer. SO, IMO i think the GTA5 will be beter on the superiior console which is the playstation3, my favorite console, IMO.



Now THAT is trolling. You see, there is an art to it. But seriously, who cares they'll practically be the same, apart from the disc quantity. And so far, visually, it looks fantastic.

seanpitt231864d ago

Wraith spe3ctr3 you think right!!

stone_cold1864d ago

yes ps3 the leader of all consoles

greenpowerz1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Are you joking? Are you getting that from the article about the PS3 version being tested and the rumor of the PS3 being lead that came from it?

Rockstar has always said both versions of all their games are on par and It's never true. They come out always talking about parity as a sort of pre damage control.


LA Noir was a PS3 exclusive developed for years on PS3 alone for PS3 hardware with the devs slapping a 360 port together at the last minute after the game went multi plat.
It would be like porting Halo 4 over to PS3 in the last few months but with a much greater gap in performance due to the 360 having more capable hardware and Halo 4 being much more advanced tha nLA Noir.

Games started at the same time rarely are better on ps3 unless the devs used the lowest common denominator method due to PS3 limitations.

XabiDaChosenOne1859d ago

"It would be like porting Halo 4 over to PS3 in the last few months but with a much greater gap in performance due to the 360 having more capable hardware and Halo 4 being much more advanced tha nLA Noir." I'm not really sure if your trolling or really misinformed, but I would like to know how you came to this conclusion.

Marquis_de_Sade1864d ago

Well yes, you would think the console that released a year later with a much higher RRP would have superior graphics to the cheaper, older console. Then again, that hasn't always been the case, has it?

ape0071864d ago

lol im sure u were sarcastic

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eferreira1864d ago

ps3 was the better version for the gta 4 games, glad to see both will be equal.

StanSmith1864d ago

No it wasn't. The blur on the PS3 version helped hide the jaggies but the game was sharper on 360. They both had faults. Neither was better than the other. It came down to personal preference in the end.

eferreira1864d ago

I remember ign and other sites stating it was. Oh well. Doesn't matter anyways

ape0071864d ago

xbox 360 version had 2xAA, ps3 no AA at all

Lvl_up_gamer1864d ago

Both versions had their issues, I wouldn't go so far as to call the PS3 version the "better" version especially when GTA 4 had 640p resolution on the PS3 and is 720p on the 360.

ape0071864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

hhhh ps3 version of gta 4 is a slowed down, sub HD blurry mess, it almost freeze when u drive at high speed with a lot of police car in front of you, i have both and played both to death, xbox 360 beats it by a mile

bozebo1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

I care more about frame rate consistency, I'm sure it'll be fine on both because it's Rockstar.

Minato-Namikaze1864d ago

Do they think ps3 owners are happy about equality? Superiority is whats expected, 1st party's have spoiled us.

ape0071864d ago

halo 4, crysis 3, gears of war 3, rage says hi

plus gta v graphics are absolutely unbelievable, all this size with all this detail is unseen and all this quality is unseen in any game ever, i don't know what spoiled you, it might be those ps3 fanboy goggles

Qrphe1864d ago

Halo 4 yes, the rest of those, lolno

DarkHeroZX1863d ago

Gears 3 looked awful. It was fun but the visuals where ugly. Halo 4 is the best looking halo game to date but that's not saying much. Crysis 3? Well I don't know about you but 2 did look great however wasn't nearly as much going on as say KZ2 and 3 so those visuals where easier to obtain. Rage is only beyond impressive on PC, its good on consoles but top ps3 exclusives still beat it.

Vip3r1864d ago

Here's hoping the PC version will be fully optimised.

Slugg3r1864d ago

R* did pretty good job with Max Payne 3, maybe they've learned their lesson from GTA4.

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