6 Xbox Franchises That Deserve a Comeback Next-Gen "The original Xbox and the Xbox 360 have an interesting library of exclusive games. While the core four -- Halo, Gears of War, Fable and Forza Motorsport -- usually take the spotlight, there are plenty of other Xbox franchises and games that were once great or had untapped potential, but may have fallen from grace or lost to obscurity due to some hiccups and rough times."

"But there's always second-chances, right? Here are six Xbox franchises that deserve another shot at redemption or deserve a rebirth in the next-generation."

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sloth33952146d ago

Conker was on Nintendo first its not a Xbox franchise

Parasyte2146d ago

Still would love to see a new Conker game next gen!

ThePsychoGamer2146d ago

Conker's been a Xbox franchise since Microsoft acquired the rights to the franchise.

jjank112146d ago

Conker would be great, but i don't think it would sell well. It doesn't have a big following. It would really have to do something extra. When it came out it was over-the-top for its time. Nowadays we get nudity, sex, drugs, violence and cursing in almost all videogames.

ceedubya92146d ago

Perhaps it could work as a Live downloadable title. Maybe for 20 bucks, or an episodic purchase type deal. Probably wouldn't do well as a full retail game, but a Live title might work.

Captain Qwark 92146d ago

mech assualt, kameo, perfect dark and conker for sur. pgr and blinx can stay dead

also toss in too human and banjo n&b2 as well as a true banjo

SilentNegotiator2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

n&b2? Hand me the puke bucket. N&B was horribly designed...the physics were way too touchy and you could spent an hour going back and forth to design a vehicle that could beat one challenge. N&B should be shoved up Blinx's backside and left to suffocate inside.

A true banjo and a true banjo only, deserves a resurrection.

Disco Downey2146d ago

Too Human is the worst game on the 360

SilentNegotiator2146d ago

And since this list is all exclusives, is irrelevant.

Even the best, original titles on ps2/xbox got old quickly.

Hozi2146d ago

My List: Not all xbox exclusives

1. Otogi
2. Contra
3. Voodoo Vince
4. Too Human
5. Call of Cthulhu
6. Panzer Dragoon Orta
7. Jet Set Radio Future
8. Shenmue
9. Jade Empire
10. Quantum Redshift

Now that's a badass list....Contra is the only game I think thats not been on xbox but I'd love to see a reboot of that game.

Tyrus_912146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Awesome list, all great games that made the original Xbox so great. I'd have personally included Jade Empire, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Otogi and Shenue, but my list just covers the exclusive intellectual properties Microsoft owns (so mostly first-party with two second-party properties bought off).

If only Microsoft had bought BioWare and Sega, then they would have got more awesome games and kept the existing ones exclusive (Jet Set, Panzer and Shenmue alone would have been worth it). They even had LucasArts helping them out back in the day with Star Wars: Republic Commando being (and remaining) exclusive. The original Xbox library has so many overlooked gems.

Hozi2146d ago

So true, I totally forgot about KOTOR and Republic Commando. Great games.

StrongMan2146d ago

Three words:


Gen0ne2146d ago

Well, two words and a number to be an exacting bitch about it. However, I agree 100%.

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