Microsoft has no plans to offer Halo 4 multiplayer standalone

Ability to download multiplayer content is "simply an additional option" for game owners

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otherZinc2054d ago

Of course they aren't, only an idiot would suggest such a thing.

StanLee2054d ago

Not really. There are many who play Halo who never play the campaign. I think they're missing out since Halo's universe and it's lore are it's biggest draw but I'm sure there is an audience out there who wouldn't mind paying a discounted price for access only to multiplayer.

TemplarDante2054d ago

Im waitin for the GTA V Game Informer blowout :)
I cant wait!! :)

Convas2054d ago

What does that have to do wit- ... *Facepalm*

Funky Town_TX2054d ago

The MP is a letdown so far.

bubblebeam2053d ago

The MP is very addictive. I'm not a fan of CoD, but they have truly re-defined what an online shooter should be. The amount of unlocks is crazy. So very addicted.

The only downside is that my internet has reached its limit, so I have to try and play in constant lag. Good thing it comes back tomorrow.

The only downside to the online for me is that everyone starts of with a long range weapon (BR, dmr ETC.) and it can get annoying when you turn a corner and get 5 shots into you straight away.

Loving it. Despite all the lag and BS that happens to me, I am sitting at level 24.