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Here's How Cross-Buy's Going to Work for PlayStation All-Stars

Push Square: "Ever since it was announced at GamesCom earlier this year, people have pondered exactly how cross-buy for the PlayStation 3 and Vita will work. The offer has always seemed easily open to abuse, but Sony has now confirmed that the free handheld version of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be tied to your PlayStation Network account." (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

Snookies12  +   873d ago
Sucks you can't give the Vita version to a friend, but I understand why they do that.
get2sammyb  +   873d ago
To be honest, I wouldn't really say it sucks. I get why it might be disappointing for some people, but the offer is already so good that I think this is a totally fair way of handling things.
jujubee88  +   873d ago
Can anyone clarify if VITA games have game sharing (like PSP)?

This would be great for All-Stars so if you bump into someone who has a VITA but not All-Stars, they can just have a game share transfer to play some ad-hoc mp.
ronin4life  +   873d ago
Is it really? I mean, I know I'll get slammed for this, but if you want to play PSASBR at home or on the go... get the $20 cheaper Vita Version.

Game sharing is really the only plus from buying it this way. So for people with big families(for $60 you can let your family member borrow your vita to keep them off you ps3 while you play something else when they want to play such a game) or if you can give away the ps3 game in some fashion this is a $80~$120 deal, but if you aren't going to share in anyway and you have both consoles why plunk down an extra $20?
Caffo01  +   873d ago

because the cross-buy is ps3 only, if you buy the game on ps3 you also get the vita version but not the other way around!
ronin4life  +   872d ago
No, what I mean is with a Vita you aren't tethered to a tv but you can still play at home. You don't need a ps3 version to play at home if you buy only the vita version. Meaning, unless you share in some form(like I mentioned above) you are paying $20 more than what you could for the same thing.
Caffo01  +   873d ago
day 1 buy! ps3 and vita game together at 49 euros, great deal!!
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badz149  +   873d ago
still, this is a tricky practice
there's no way my PS3 can block me from playing the game using my other region account on PS3, right? I hope there will be no problem with this.

for some reason I'm using a separate region account for my Vita and PS3 but it was never a problem as I can still use the online passes I downloaded from the different region as long as it's installed on my PS3. that's how I could keep using my AUS account up till now. I still think that there's a loophole here for those wanting to give the other copy to your friends and I think you guys understand what I'm talking about!
RyanDJ  +   873d ago
Can't you still cheat the system by letting a friend put it in their ps3 first? Then you have a "used" copy.
get2sammyb  +   873d ago
I have to imagine that will void your use of either the PS3 or Vita game.
RyanDJ  +   873d ago
Would that not cause the dreaded "no used sales" issue though? Imagine: user legitimately buys and cross plays, then sells PS3 version. Heck, even deletes Vita version. Without unique coding on each disc, how would they police it? It's either gonna be trickable or cause headaches for used buyers. Even letting a friend borrow it would be a nightmare!
one2thr  +   873d ago
There's probably an unmentioned counter measure for such scenarios, and again the game may have an on disc validation system going on, that'll activate a "service" pack thing in YOUR account managemenat menu, that after used it'll be restricted to your account only...
ronin4life  +   873d ago
I think something like that is possible, with an online pass or OP-like system in place to allow playing of the ps3 copy.
That's how I'm imagining this working anyway.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   873d ago
Can't you still get the vita version and then sell the PS3 disk?

It will be interesting see what becomes of used PS3 Battle Royale games.
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rainslacker  +   873d ago
It'll probably also be tied to some sort of online pass thing. Sony also stated a while back that they had the ability to lock out used games on the system with something built into the Blu-ray disc spec, and I wouldn't doubt that that may be in play here.

If it's just an online pass thing then it's possible they could sell that separate and you could possibly have your friend just purchase the pass for $10-15.

In the end I'm sure Sony has a lot of safeguards to protect their interests in this, and I don't blame them one bit.
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Moncole  +   872d ago
Because it will have an online pass.
one2thr  +   873d ago
My guess is that the vita version, will have to connect to the internet every so often to validate that copy, or it'll have same approach like Sound Shapes....
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Blastoise  +   873d ago
Does anyone know if all PS3 copies of this game will get the Vita code? or just some?

Also, how long does the code last? I dont have a vita yet, but I may in future
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get2sammyb  +   873d ago
Well, firstly you don't get a code. But as far as I understand, ALL brand new copies of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PS3 will allow you to download the Vita version for free.
tndtloveu  +   873d ago
All new PS3 copies will have the vita version. If there is a code, it may last for 1 year like all other codes.
nevin1  +   873d ago

"Sucks you can't give the Vita version to a friend, but I understand why they do that."

I think its because they want the PS3 buyer to eventually buy a Vita faster.

If what tndtloveu says about codes last 1 year, than there a good chance alot of those PS3 owners will buy a Vita.
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rainslacker  +   873d ago
Thinking about it it's a pretty good marketing move on their part. I'd imagine that most people wouldn't buy the portable version down the line anyhow if they owned it on console. But if someone were interested in mobile gaming and they had a bunch of games all ready to go on it then it makes the choice a no brainer for a lot of people.

Adding in PS+ for it was a good move too IMO, as it can serve essentially the same purpose.
MACHone  +   873d ago
Fingers crossed the two games' trophy sets are unified. I wouldn't want to have to collect all the same trophies twice.
TheUndertaker85  +   872d ago
It will probably be the same trophy list for both versions since the game can share save data
YoungPlex  +   873d ago
Well that sucks! Me and my cousin were going to go halves and buy PSAS Battle Royal and I was going to keep the PS3 version while he kept the Vita digital version. Sucks for him cuz I was only doing it for him because I get a discount on it. I'll still buy it and save the Vita version later when I pick one up.
badz149  +   873d ago
dude, you can still totally do it with your cousin
oh my...that sounds gross but I'm talking about 'sharing' the game here! it's still possible! remember, everything downloaded from PSN can be shared by up to 2 PS3s and 2 Vita/PSP!
hkgamer  +   872d ago
they still haven't really explained how the thing works to be honest.

ATM it sounds like you are able to do this, all you need to do is use your friends PS3 first. After the initial set up the vita PSAS will be on his account. Then all you do is take that PS3 disk back home and it should still work, the only problem i see that may happen is you will need to buy that online pass thing.

Its all my speculations but I do think this is the only way that Sony will do this.
Even if people abuse this system, Sony will still make back money from online passes, more game sales and maybe some vita sales.
Kingthrash360  +   872d ago
Lol people already trying to find a way to exploit this! Sad, sad times. Not to sound all goody2shoes but we should appreciate somethin like this and not try to exploit simply because no one else is hooking it up like this. I mean free online play, free games every week, now free game when u buy a new copy..... Too good to exploit. Look at Xbox they only giving 1% off purchases after u get a certain amout of achievement points. Nintendo ..... Nada. I'm just saying exploit the stingy ones, Sony is should get a pass.
Tultras  +   872d ago
I am not sure how i should feel about this.

Obviously their interests should be protected but here is the thing, if i buy a ps3 version im essentially getting a psvita version i SHOULD be able to give it to anyone i want, that 1 copy for the psvita version is MINE, i should be able to gift it.

Sony should not dictate whom i choose to give what i pay for, i payed for it, its mine, i should be able to give it away at my will).
Caffo01  +   872d ago
no, you didn't pay for the ps vita version, it's a present and you know it isn't kind to give away presents :)
chasegarcia  +   872d ago
somebody please help me here
if i buy the ps3 version, can i get the vita version from it(using friends ps3) then sell the ps3 version? (i got no ps3)
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DivineAssault  +   872d ago
Oh well, it really doesnt matter to me.. I wouldve preferred a voucher but as long as i can get the download for free, im happy.. Cant wait to see the feedback on PSABR.. If it scores well on average, ill get it asap..
kupomogli  +   872d ago
I'm sure that the way Sony is saying it is more confusing than it is to attempt to stop people from giving it away.

There's going to be a voucher for sure. You think you're going to just be able to insert the disc into the PS3 and then link your Vita and get the game? No. There's going to be some code or else all people would have to do is rent the game.

The way people are going to be able to get the free version is similar to how people got Portal 2 for free.

This is how I think it will work. Let's say you made a deal with a friend to give him/her the game. He/She logs into the account, insert disc, while in game enter the code, the game is connected to that account through the Vita. After that, you have yourself a PS3 game, he/she has a Vita game.
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