Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Playstation 3 Controller Review [Capsule Computers]

Joshua Spudic of Capsule Computers writes:

"With every major gaming release, there will be a multitude of accessories sporting the logo or artwork. In this case, the Playstation 3 will be receiving an official Call of Duty Black Ops II third party controller. Distributed by Bluemouth Interactive, the controller sports the familiar Playstation controller layout with a few differences to the buttons. With some interesting features and design elements added, will this slick controller impress the Call of Duty or Playstation 3 fanatics? Here is the review."

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MariaHelFutura2055d ago

That is one ugly controller.

koga882055d ago

I'm going to have to agree with you there. Unless I was a huge Black Ops fan, that controller is a major eye sore.

IIC0mPLeXII2055d ago

Just use the friggin Dual Shock jeez.

GuruStarr782055d ago

That is UGLY.... it's like a billboard advertisement for the game....

2055d ago
coaidant2053d ago

why would you even bother with this?