The Wrong Kind Of Scary - Worst Horror Games Ever

GI writes:

When done right, horror-based video games are just as thrilling as the latest scare-fest in theaters. When they go wrong, they are more laughable and unbearable than a low-budget student horror flick. With terrible pacing, cheesy moments, and lousy mechanics, these titles represent what happens when a game tries to be scary and fails spectacularly. Sure, they may send shivers down your spine or make your heart skip a beat...but for all the wrong reasons.

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Robotronfiend2210d ago

FMV, lingerie clad women's sports team, drilling (with a 1/2" bit) into peoples' neck to siphon blood, and lots of vampires... Night Trap was a lot of fun. Not scary in the horror sense, but most "horror" games at that time were not actually scary. For a young kid the combination of video based sex and violence in a game was really fun, but not scary.

darthv722210d ago

the cheesyness of the plot. them singing to the title song was cherry on top.

Oh and grabbed by the ghoulies...simplistic, addictive fun. Nothing wrong with that.

Venox20082210d ago

since when geist is a horror game?