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Preview: Xbox Smartglass for Android (Hands-On Video)

Joel Taveras writes, "Earlier this year during the Xbox E3 press conference, Microsoft unveiled Smartglass; an intuitive new interface for Xbox owners to interact with their 360s. Much of what was shown, at the time, was conceptual since many of the kinks still had to be ironed out. But a lot of time has passed since then, and now Xbox owners who have an android device (running 4.0 or higher) can download “Xbox Smartglass” from the Google Play store.

Interested to see how it works? Take a look at the video preview below." (Android, SmartGlass, Xbox 360)

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shinrock  +   669d ago
can't wait.
greenpowerz  +   669d ago
I freakin cheap solution for web browsing in the family room on big screen.

I can see this being the only way to do social media in a year or two. So much potential my brain feels overwhelmed trying to guess the future of this tech on xbox hardware and software products(waiting for xbox music updates)
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nukeitall  +   668d ago
Pretty cool. Best browser on console so far and it is IE!

What the heck!?

The smoothness he mentions is because a typical local network (in the home) as roughly 1-2 ms lag which is well below a frame in 60fps that everyone screams is sooo smooth.
SlavisH2  +   669d ago
looks like the ps3/vita 360/smartglass are already doing touch screen before the wii u is even out! so does that mean wii u copied them, DAMN!!
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The_Infected  +   669d ago
Yea it's doing what the Wii U does except... The Wii u has a dedicated touch screen with buttons, dual joysticks, and 100% everyone that buys the Wii U has the same experience. Some people want have Smart Glass because you have to have a compatible device which even today some people don't have that.

Either way i like both.
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nukeitall  +   668d ago
Not everybody will have access to a SmartGlass compatible device, but there are a damn lot of them that do.

It wouldn't surprise me if the percentage hovers around 99% (except for children) that has a compatible device. Let's face it, if you buy consoles you likely own a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Heck, SmartGlass works on desktop computers too!

There are advantages to it too, as in cross device availability that Wii U doesn't have. So there are pros and cons too.
Matt0611  +   668d ago
Kinda disappointing that the Nexus 7 isn't supported.
videoxgamexfanboy  +   668d ago
cliffyboy21  +   668d ago
lol how is that killing the ps3? i didnt even see no gameplay or nothing immpresive all i saw was a smartphone used as a remote, thats what smart tv's are for. with the vita you can take it anywhere and control your ps3 away from home and play games from it and its free!! lol
andibandit  +   668d ago
yeah if you're willing to shell out 300$, all i need to do here is download an app for my phone......

secondly your attempt to compare this to a smart TV is just the dumbest thing i've ever seen.
TheKayle  +   668d ago
amazing soon sony will copy with something that will do the same but with different name


they r going on another lvl than ps3 is...ps3 is (till now) only games oriented....xbox brand isnt anymore...

vita cost lots of money...with smartglass u can use the tablet or the phone u already have...

this isnt a ps3 killer...is just opening the world of the xbox...with the browser...and all the apps section....waiting windows 8 for the megabomb

then yeah i think the xbox brand will lvl up against the other console that play jsut games

(but im sure they will follow....so be honest with urself and dont be critic at stuff...like u did with the kinect and when sony try to patent stuff that look like that....go happy and say.."wow")
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cliffyboy21  +   668d ago
lol be happy and say wow? lol actually i wouldnt because sony was offered the opportunity to make the motion control device that xbox made but they turned it down and decided to make the motion controls, and nobody really cares for kinect, microsoft focusing on all these kinect games rather than their hard core titles. i give credit where credits due but that smartglass really isnt something to be hyped about
Lvl_up_gamer  +   668d ago
"and nobody really cares for kinect,"

I don't understand this comment.

Kinect has sold over 18 million units. Lets say for argument sake that 8 million people regretted their purchase, that's still 10 million people that didn't.

We don't know who everyone was that purchased Kinect are. They could be casuals, cores or both. Since Kinect was more focused on the casuals, then it's a fair assumption to make that most of the purchases are from casuals gamers or core gamers who got it for their kids. Bottom line is that you don't speak for anyone but yourself. You don't know if that casuals are having a blast with it or not. I know kids are loving it....or do gamers only start at a certain age where kids don't count?

I am a core gamer and I have Kinect. I enjoy Kinect for the integration it has in some games like Skyrim and Mass Effect 3. I bought Steel Battalion and enjoyed it.

So speak for yourself cliffyboy21. Don't speak for me.

As for Smartglass, I was messing around with it and really think it's the next step in gaming. I can't wait to play Halo 4 with smartglass integration. I know I for one will be utilizing it's functionality.
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otherZinc  +   668d ago
My daughter loves Kinect, plays all the time. She isn't even a "casual gamer", casual gamers dont beat Gears Of War 3 on Hardcore Mode! Shes 10yrs old! Shes beaten Madagascar, all Halo's, all Gears games, Toy Story, Kinectimals, Kinectimals W/Bears, Splinter Cell:Conviction, & more.

So well said!
SmartGlass is the next step in gaming, console functionality!
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Mkai28  +   668d ago
I don't know about that, just think of how convenient it would be. Controller runs out of batteries, you use the phone, ipad, tablet to browse through and type or text. And did anyone say free app?
mochachino  +   668d ago
I have to admit IE on 360 does blow PS3s browser out of the water. PS3s browser was made pretty half assed actually.

Still needs tabs and flash though.
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