Homefront: The Revolution Gets Ridiculous Xbox One Release Date

Revealed shortly before E3, Deep Silver and Crytek UK surprised fans with their vision for a sequel to the moderately well received Homefront. However, those eagerly awaiting the Homefront: The Revolution may have to wait a little longer – 785 years, to be precise.

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JBSleek1608d ago

Clearly a placeholder...The fact that there needed to be an article about it though is funny.

aconnellan1608d ago

Obviously a placeholder. It's more the ridiculousness of the year they chose - of all the years, even when it's supposedly "TBC 2015", they pick the year 2799. Beautiful.

ScorpiusX1607d ago

Oh well I can wait .lol

xX1NORM1Xx1607d ago

Is this news? Like really