The Top Ten The Last of Us PS3 vs The Last of Us PS3 Screenshot Comparisons

The Daily Reaction team of Seb and Dan share their thoughts on some of their biggest gripes with the games media as a whole. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker2161d ago

The PS3 obviously destroys the PS3 version...

GribbleGrunger2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Really? I thought the texture and lighting was better on the PS3 version. And there's definitely some framerate issues with the second picture.

piroh2161d ago

it depends which PS3 are you playing on

Wigriff2161d ago

My PS3 can process more sarcasm and irony per second than your PS3 can. 1337

wastedcells2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Trolls! The PS3 has Hyperion process configuration mapping with cell multiplication of shade and texture mapification, plus the lighting modulation and Johnson rod anti matter. Black holes and platinum analyzing analizers. Erection mods and BLURAY. Hdmi 1.42839272.5 Plus harder drives and 8 gigs of ram porn. The future is yesterday. The past is tomorrow. So it's obvious the ps3 version will be better by far.

NatureOfLogic2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

PS3 > PS3. PS3 FTW!

It sucks if you only own a PS3 and not a PS3.

One version runs at 1080p, 60fps while the other version runs at a silly 1080p, 60fps. you tell me which one you would rather have.

EeJLP-2160d ago

Where are the other 9 pics?

andibandit2160d ago

If you look at the PS3 picture, you'll see the guy has a hair in his nose, while he dosnt have it on the PS3 picture.

VonBraunschweigg2160d ago

Not so fast, we do not yet know what the port will look like. Does anybody knows who is going to port this game fromto PS3?

thereapersson2160d ago

I was with you until you said 1337, which at that point proceeded to lose my sh*t with laughter.

Well done.

Dude4202160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

@ wastedcells

"The future is yesterday. The past is tomorrow."

What you said there immediately made me think of this. lol

Sarcasm2159d ago

Man I am absolutely disgusted on what I am reading here. All these PS3 fanboys arguing against PS3 fanboys. This is by far beyond anything I have ever read in my life. It makes me ashamed to be a PS3 gamer and as well as a PS3 gamer.

Listen folks, all you people with a PS3 just get the PS3 version, and all you other people with a PS3 just get the PS3 version. End of story! Is it that hard?

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doctorstrange2161d ago

You're such a fanboy. There are more pixels in the PS3 one, if you use a computer program to analyze the aspect ratio of the six digit output, then it's clear the PS3 one is better than the PS3 one in every way.

Foolsjoker2161d ago

No, you are such a PS3 fanboy. The PS3 obviously has more and less pixel power than the PS3 version.

doctorstrange2161d ago

That's only if you don't switch on AA, by using the Blu-ray's hidden Kutaragi switch. Then the more and less pixel power doubles by half.

GribbleGrunger2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Give me a break, doctorstrange. You can see quite clearly that there is screen tearing on the PS3. Stop being such a fanboy yourself and be honest. The PS3 version wipes the floor with the PS3 version. It's people like you that give gamers a bad name!

edit: I'm not entirely sure this is the conversation this article was hoping for... LOL

doctorstrange2161d ago

Are you paid by Sony to say that Gribble? It's because Sony uses underhand tactics like that that Sony can't compete because they're ethical. Any sane individual knows which is superior. The PS3 version.

GribbleGrunger2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

There may be some payments involved, yes, but I have integrity and would never let remunerations effect my views. Even if you consider me biased, you would have to be blind not to see that the PS3 version was far superior. If it was up to me to review the two games, I would NOT allow corporate pressure or the fear of losing my job get in the way of the truth. PS3 version is the best.

thorstein2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

@DocStrange "Then the more and less pixel power doubles by half. "

ROFLMAO! You clearly don't understand the power of the PS3 compared to the inferior PS3 version, the More and Less Pixel Power (MLPP) Octuples by an eighth! How could you not know that?

boybato2161d ago

so are you guys saying that the PS3 version is better? Here is a piece of advice for fanboys out there:


doctorstrange2161d ago

Guys, you can't expect me to have to put up with the PS3's mandatory install. I prefer having it optional, like on my PS3.

Afreelunch2160d ago

Have you even tried to play games on a Dualshock? It's a poorly designed controller that was outdated 10 years ago. I'd much rather use a controller that was actually made to fit the human hand, like a PS3 Dualshock

GrandTheftZamboni2160d ago

Guys, guys, easy. Play games, not consoles!

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Bathyj2161d ago

My PS3 smells like PS3 games...

DaReapa2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

I just read somewhere else that the PS3 version of TLOU is gonna be a timed exclusive. I'm so tired of this timed exclusivity nonsense. I was really looking forward to getting the PS3 version, but I don't have patience for a delayed release - even if it's only for a few days. But I guess it won't matter to me much as I am one of the precious few that owns both a PS3 AND a PS3. See, us multi-console owners are the REAL true gamers.

Dante1122155d ago

I'm going with the Ps3 version since it gets DLC before the Ps3 version. I win, end of!

camel_toad2161d ago

There's an obvious bias here as they aren't even showing the 360, Wii, and Atari 2600 screen shots.

yess2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Stop fighting, and play the best versions on your prefered PS3, then you can also call yourself a hardcore gamer...Win win.

Sarcasm2161d ago

You guys are smoking crack. The PS3 version is clearly superior. The PS3 version is a poor man's PS3 version.

moparful992160d ago

Pssht my PC's PS3 emulator blows both of those away! When will you console losers realize that PC emulators will alwasy trump consoles.....

rjdofu2160d ago

@moparful99: cool story bro.

moparful992159d ago

Why am I getting a butt load of disagrees? I was just trying to add to this ps3 vs ps3 humor with a tongue in cheek poke at the pc vs console rivalry.. Just trying to be funny but gauging everyone's reaction it was far from it.. My bad :-/

JAMurida2161d ago

Nah, they didn't use the true color option with HDMI cables and instead used component cables. Not a fair comparison.

Rumor2161d ago

This thread is legendary

Shikoro2160d ago

I was literally laughing for over 10 minutes, holy s**t. Thanks a lot, people. :D

Relientk772160d ago

^ This pretty much sums it up

LiquifiedArt2160d ago

But much better then any xbox version of any game.

Awesome_Gamer2160d ago

Gotta love those funny comments, Long Live PlayStation.

ElitaStorm2160d ago

what is happening? this is new

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NastyLeftHook02161d ago

its kind of a tough choice, you see the ps3 version has more shadows/detail ect, but the playstation 3 version runs it alot better with less loading.

Conzul2161d ago

This is great, you know! A thread where proper gamers can just agree with eachother and there's no fighting or ..... gah

Lockon2161d ago

Tough to say, but at this juncture i give it to the PS3 version.

Ben_Grimm2161d ago

You can tell that the PS3 version color texture is much more blurry.

(Hey I want to get in on the fun too!)

doctorstrange2161d ago

The texture is blurrier, but the colours are more vibrant and alive looking. That's more important, which is why I bought the PS3 version.

Foolsjoker2161d ago

The PS3 one might be more vibrant, but the PS3 has darker blacks.

DigitalRaptor2161d ago

You bought it?? I rented it (the PS3 version of course)!

GribbleGrunger2161d ago

Clearly they've turned off the full RBG for the second picture, but it doesn't fool me.