Project CARS - First Footage Of Wet Weather Effects Unveiled

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's member 'Stephen Lyon' has captured the first footage of Project CARS' wet weather effects. Now before watching this video, let us remind you that pCars is in alpha stage and those effects are brand new. This obviously means that there are some issues and are not optimized or polished. There aren't any visible rain drops on screen and the rain splashes from the cars are bugged (those particles should be coming from all cars and not from just a few of them). Nevertheless, it does look interesting so go ahead and take a look!"

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Cam9772009d ago

This looks fantastic, I hope it offers as much playtime as GT5 did back in 2010 (48 hours of racing in TWO races alone).

Larry L2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I agree that this game looks incredible, though all the pop-in off the clouds was really distracting to me at around 2:10, a drawback of dynamic clouds I suppose. Very cool weather effects otherwise, I love that there's lightning. I wish water got on the camera lens. But how could it compare to GT5 in that Project Cars is just a PC game anyway, right? This wouldn't be the first Sim better than GT5 when you count PC.

jimbobwahey2008d ago

I'm pretty sure that he was talking about the length of the endurance races, and his hopes that PCARS has equally long races to partake in. Why you feel the need to start debates as to what game is better that the other is beyond me.

Larry L2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I'm not starting that debate, really. What I'm saying is, this game is being marketed to console gamers for some reason, it seems like to me. Which I really don't understand. Unless you're a PC gamer, isn't this game irrelevant? If it were for consoles I'd be REALLY excited to be honest. If the physics are on spot, this may be the best sim available.

But since it's not coming to consoles, why is every Project Cars article posted in both the PS3 and 360 sections? Just to make people jealous? lol

IMPORTANT EDIT- I may have to take all of this back. I just decided to google if this is coming to consoles, and the previews that came up all seem to say it is coming to consoles. It's from the developers of Shift 2, I thought this game was basically a community project of independant....which it is in a way, but it's all community work that's getting done for a full release game.

WOW........I hope the quality is kept to this quality on consoles and I think I've finally gotten a console sim to top GT5 this gen.

I'm off to look up some more previews to get an idea of the car selection and track count. I'm excited to have a new full retail game I'm actually looking forward to again.

Sarcasm2008d ago

LOL that tire thrown at :26 reminds me of mario kart for some reason

jimbobwahey2008d ago

The community funds development and contributes feedback, that's all. The game is scheduled for release on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U sometime in 2013.

I'm also skeptical of the quality of the consoles versions of the game though. The PC version runs with huge grids, very advanced physics and fully dynamic weather and time of day effects, all while having utterly spectacular graphics. It will take a lot of optimization to get it running decently on consoles.

Personally I was hoping that they'd save the game for the PS4 and next Xbox instead.

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NYC_Gamer2008d ago

I'm really hyped to play Project Cars once its finished

rajman2008d ago

I just bought the full package from their wmdportal website and Im loving this game, its such a beast and the graphics are insane

Grap2008d ago

lol the AI need some work. a lot of work.

Daves2008d ago

Damn right, but I like how that wheel came flying over the player car!

john22008d ago

yeap, it was awesome and hope that there will be similar crashes in more races (AI can't be flawless all the time after all)

Larry L2008d ago

The A.I. would be less important to me than the net code. This was crazy though. They were going faster off-track than the play was on-track. The car was uncontrollable at the end as well, I hope that was due to the damage, but it seemed damage was off for the player since he kept going after a big crash before.

DOMination-2008d ago

Am I seriously the ONLY person who thinks this game doesn't look as good as people keep raving on about?

Like the graphics look good but they aren't blowing me away at all. And the cars honestly look a bit silly when they are so shiny as they are in this game. I'm not trying to knock it though, I'm just finding it hard seeing what the fuss is about from the videos I've seen.