Jaw-dropping Physics simulation inside the browser

Just imagine how free MMOs would benefit from that technology...

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vidoardes3756d ago

The answer to your question is "next to no benifit whatsoever" considerting this is built in flash...

funkeystu3756d ago

I think Dofus runs in flash, but yea, the more commercial ones tend to have their own engines

uuaschbaer3756d ago

Now explain the jaw-dropping part.

spandexxking3756d ago

because its so mind numbingly boring you vegatabalize causing your jaw to drop.

Ju3756d ago

The title is misleading. Its not a "jaw-dropping" physics simulation, but a "flag-blowing-in-the-wind " physics simulation. (har har).

gololo3756d ago's flash....what's so jaw dropping about it....if you ask me I'm more excited about the <canvas> tag in html, and their uses with Javascript...

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