PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta Access Begins Tuesday for PS3, PS Vita

Posted by Cristian Cardona // Associate Product Marketing Manager, Software Marketing -

We hope you’ve been keeping track of all the recent updates on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale news, from an in-depth update on the PS Vita version to our behind-the-scenes look at mashing up different worlds, we’ve shown you what this game is shaping up to be…and we think it’s high time you try it out for yourselves!

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RmanX10002074d ago Show
jujubee882074d ago

"PS Vita users will be able dive right into the multiplayer beta starting tomorrow – no Plus subscription required"

(> >.>)>

subtenko2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

I wonder if that will be a trend. PS Vita doesnt have PS+ content if im correct, and this kind of makes up for it now I suppose. That or just something nice for being an early PS Vita owner.

Good thing I like PS+ cause I don't own a Vita yet but will someday :D

Skate-AK2074d ago

They are doing it to push cross-play. Also PS+ for Vita starts this month.

MGRogue20172074d ago

Hopefully EU/UK will get this PS Vita beta as well in the next PSN Store refresh on Wednesday

Emilio_Estevez2074d ago

"PlayStation Plus members on PlayStation 3 on 17th October and then expand to everyone from 24th October" - from the EU blog

MasterCornholio2074d ago

Nice and since i have both (Vita and PS3) Yipeeee

VitaOwner2074d ago

Finally!!! I know what Ill be doing all day tomorrow

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The story is too old to be commented.