Edge - Codeshop: Directing the Future

Edge Writes: The development of machinima, or animation made using game modding tools, seems to have reached its second critical point. The first came as the earliest examples of the form, such as the Quake-originated Diary of a Camper, morphed into more complex fare such as the Halo-based Red Vs Blue and The Sims-inspired The Strangerhood.

Kelland is certainly up for the job. "I think we're starting to see a schism inside the machinima community," he says. "A lot of what's now created is purely fan-based: by World Of WarCraft fans for World Of WarCraft fans. Red Vs Blue is great if you play Halo. But once you've made a film about game characters realizing they're game characters, what do you do next? One of the big challenges for us is saying: 'Machinima isn't about games. It's a technique for making films'. It will take time. The majority of machinima will be game-related for a while, but the groundswell is coming."

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