The State of the Vita, 2012

Sony won't cut the price of its new handheld in 2012, which many worry could stall its chances of success. With a few big games left in the year and some promising 2013 titles, as well as new indie-friendly programs, can the system pull through?

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miyamoto2030d ago

Speed, Sony.
Sony Needs Speed.
You got the power, right motivations, the right audience, the right gamers, you got the best intentions but you just need speed & agility.
Step On It!

miyamoto2029d ago

Thanks, Kaz Hirai said he is working on it as we speak.

sikbeta2029d ago


They have the power = yes

They have the right motivations = should be, no one in his right mind would release a product and not support it.

They have the right audience = NO, in these days of smartphones and tablets, Vita is not as impresive as the PSP was 8 years ago.

That's why it's not selling well, because it's just a dedicated gaming system, say what you want, but look @ PS360, they aren't dedicated only to gaming anymore, PS360 can handle Games + Multimedia + Browser + apps and this will grow and evolve in future systems.

Vita is stuck with games and dedicated apps for FB, twitter, youtube and a browser that can't handle many tabs at the same time, meanwhile smartphones and tablets are running OS capable of much more stuff + the usual popular apps like FB + twitter + youtube and can also bring time-wasters mini-games.

IF Vita was a Phone with great support (something the Xperia Play never had), things could have been different.

Edward752029d ago

The vita can get out and shine, Sony needs to market it better.... And cut the price just a bit, not on the system, on the cards.

Does anyone see any advertising for the vita anymore??

mcstorm2029d ago

Here in the UK they have just started pushing it again but from May until now there has not been any.

TENTONGUN2029d ago

i live in the states and i havent seen any marketing whatsoever. i still meet gamers that have no idea there is another sony handheld. one of em even owned 2 psp's over time. he thought it was just a psp and never seen or heard of it till about 2 months ago, and he's a gamer. i mean he doesnt research games like us but he's kind of in the know.

vita is never going to a huge deal cause sony is slacking. but i love the hell out of it and cant wait for some more killer games.

GribbleGrunger2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

Yes, I've seen quite a few Vita adverts but they're generic, tepid affairs that just wash over you without leaving an impression. For instance, the LBPVita adverts where of young adults playing the game in various locals and all the footage was of them playing it as a basic platformer. No kids, no create mode (the biggest point of LBP)

'Hello, I'm John and I'm a games developer...' And then show him playing the level/game he made. You can have that for free Sony

ShutUpDonny2029d ago

I'm in Quebec and I never saw a commercial for the Vita. It's the best handheld of all time and when I show it to my friends (27-30yo) most of them thinks it's a PSP. In most of the game stores, the Vita games are cramped in a corner where nobody can see it, like it's the fat ugly loser at the party. It's sad.

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joel_c172029d ago

I see quiet a few vita adds on air in australia. Usually bundled with the release of soccer and nfl games.

majiebeast2029d ago (Edited 2029d ago )

I really dont see many ads about gaming in general here. But i thought the borderlands 2 commercials were pretty good. Those go for like a week though and then they are gone. Plus the fifa commercials which always have the playstation logo at the end.

GenericNameHere2029d ago

With Kaz Hirai fixing things, I hope he becomes aggressive and take huge steps. He the biggest developers to work on the game, seize up everything that comes along the way. Basicay, do the things Microsoft has done. I don't mean get timed exclusive games and DLCs, or charge for your online service, but to get every game they can. When is Monster Hunter coming back to Playstation? 3 already came out for the 3DS and soon on the Wii U, and Monster Hunter 4 is coming exclusively to the 3DS. The Vita might get MH4 on Vita as MH4G, same as MH3 on 3DS, but Sony definitely needs it back ASAP. Megaman Legends 3 might be dead on 3DS, but revive it on Vita, on a Playstation console like the last two, at least. Sony needs Capcom's support on Vita. And what happened to FFX on Vita and PS3?? Sony only has like a 10% (maybe even less than that?) stock share on Square Enix, but can't they tell SE to hurry on that project or something?
I like Sony and all, but all I want is for them to be a bit aggressive on their gaming side. Try to get every game you can, MARKET them (something they are LACKING this gen), and be lenient on the developers, by letting them take their time, but not wasting TOO MUCH time.

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