Musings on the Zombie Trend

With a new game featuring zombies seeming to be announced every other day, one of OnlySP's editors has some choice things to say about the trend.

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Kratoscar20082118d ago

A shame that RE, the series that popularized Zombies didnt followed the trend they started.

And NO RE6 enemies are NOT zombies, play Pre RE4 games to know what a zombie is.

fourtwenty20092117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Zombie games as a genre are so played out. It's a shame the people behind ZombiU didn't decide instead produce the kind of compelling and original IP that people like David Cage make for the PS3 in the form of Heavy Rain etc.

Oh great another Zombie game. Not scary, not entertaining, so boring and dumb.

Zombie games are the new Call of Duty. Passionless, derivative, soulless and predictable. I won't waste my money on them.

Dms20122117d ago

Amen, and every pop culture meme and reference made on Facebook and elsewhere can go straight to hell along with this played out genre.