Ex-PlayStation Spokesman: ‘You Have To Question The Priorities Of The Company As A Whole’

An ex-Sony PR representative has slammed his former company following a recent round of layoffs that left him out of work late last week.

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NewMonday1787d ago

"Sony in general is serving too many masters. Each company should operate autonomously. PlayStation shouldn't suffer b/c TVs are overpriced"

true about TVs they are the division that is costing Sony and encumbering them, but they persist because of the legacy

Pushagree1787d ago

I'm sure a guy that just got laid off will have truthful, unbiased, and non-spiteful things to say about the company that just laid them off.

black9111787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Why Because They Let You Go lol.

HammadTheBeast1787d ago

He can say goodbye to future jobs in gaming then. And he shouldn't even be this mad, considering he basically "won" the job through Sony's the Tester show.

Dms20121787d ago

Doesn't mean these criticisms don't have at least a bit of truth to them.

NewMonday1787d ago

the PS3 PR was not working, and a big reason for good 1st party games not selling, so don't blame Sony for changing things, perhaps outsourcing to professionals will turn things around.

smashcrashbash1787d ago

Very true. People are always ready to believe that someone laid off by a company will have an unbiased view of them. No one ever thinks you can just be spiteful and venting your frustration.

pixelsword1787d ago

I didn't even know he was a spokesman.

Good job, complaining guy.

Sarcasm1787d ago

He's probably bitter that he went through all that crap to be the "tester" and then got laid off for probably being useless.

Now that he's blasted Sony with these tweets, good luck getting another job at any other company.

darthv721787d ago

Companies do this all the time. It's called trimming the fat. While it isnt always good to hear about those who lose their jobs, it isnt always the most deserving that are victims either.

Meaning the ones companies let go are ones that (in their view) do not offer as much to benefit the company as those who get to stay.

Plus this guy was winner of the tester...WTF. did he think something permanent would come from that? Like he would become president of Sony one day because he won the tester?

Rather than bad mouthing the company you would have to list as your previous employer (yeah good luck getting good word of reference) he should lick his wounds and get back out there.

pixelsword1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Trimming the fat.

Yeah, I'd say that's true.

also, there's an old saying:

Don't kick your old boss' nuts in front of your new boss.

That guy pretty much burnt his bridge mid-crossing.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1787d ago

Clicks link.

"An ex-Sony PR representative has slammed his former company following a recent round of layoffs that left him out of work late last week. "

Stops reading after...

GrandTheftZamboni1787d ago

"What the point of AdHoc multiplayer when no one has a Vita?"

Even if no one has the Vita, he should know that functionality has to be planned before the device is available for people to buy it...

Maybe he was laid off because his perception of time didn't fit the tasks he was assigned to?

UnwanteDreamz1787d ago

He should let it go n move on. He won the job in a contest. Prespective is needed

3-4-51787d ago

He also knows what goes on, on the inside...we don't.

yesmynameissumo1787d ago

The hell he does. He was a PR generalist. Not a VP or Executive.

jadenkorri1787d ago

1 thing you should never do, slam your previous employment, def understand the reasons, but your next employer might not like that.

Karum1786d ago

Regardless of any bitterness or anger at being laid off there's really nothing he said in there that isn't true.

Sony have been rightfully criticized over their PR and marketing since the announcement of the PS3 and whilst it has gotten slightly better it still sucks.

@HammadTheOne - seriously? You think he shouldn't be mad at losing his job because of the means by which he got it? How is winning a contest any different than competing against other applicants for any regular job? Both involve competing against other people, the only difference is in the tasks and possibly the criteria.

Absolutely unbelievable comment.

DragonKnight1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

You know it's funny. This guy says that the unity of the company is causing a problem because one division can bring down the other divisions. Why don't we go back to 2006/2007 when the problem was that the divisions were autonomous to the point where there was massive communications problems across divisions. The heads of the various departments, especially where PS3 development were concerned, didn't work together and this was the cause of a lot of problems that PS3 had at launch.

This guy is pretty stupid.

@Karum: "How is winning a contest any different than competing against other applicants for any regular job?"

One is based on actual real-world experience, knowledge of the job, and skills to do the job. The other is tasks done for ratings and requires nothing more than that.

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cee7731787d ago

they also continue to manufacture in japan because the legacy if sony sourced manufacturing to china they would save a bundle on just that alone its a lose lose for workers either way tho

Soldierone1787d ago

They move to China, then why bother buying their TV's? They get parts made there, but its all handled in Japan. Which means a higher quality overall product. Everything else is made with crap labor and parts from China, and Sony is all about "we are better quality." If their TV's suddenly became crummy China pieces of junk, why bother?

Plus being a Japanese company and actually making your product in Japan warrants some respect. How many "American companies" are fully made in China? Apple anyone? I think Japan is smart enough to cut Sony breaks and keep them there unlike our country (America).

CalvinKlein1787d ago

sorry bro, my ps3 clearly says MADE IN CHINA on it. so does vita

RememberThe3571787d ago

Haha what are you talking about? They make most of their products in China.

Kurylo3d1787d ago

u and your comment just got owned.

pixelsword1787d ago

Sony and Microsoft are both made in china; not just Microsoft, cee773.

Lots of stuff is made in China.

My comments are often outsourced to various countries depending on the comment market.

baodeus1787d ago

I guess Soldierone gonna skip PS4 thing is true though that I is really hard to find a product that aren't made in china :(

Robtheghoul1787d ago Show
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subtenko1787d ago

Im trying to figure out how 'mad' he is. He seemed to love what he was getting into, and liked Sony, now because this happened he ranted. I'm just wondering if he's pissed of more and what this guy wants to do. Just wondering..

Also, this must be why there is not Tester Season 4 right now because usually they would have had the tryouts and stuff right about now.

ZombieKiller1787d ago

I actually had alot of bad things to say about my company when I was fired too....

Jazz41081787d ago

I have seen ex ms people complain about ms and you guys eat that up. Is it because they attacked precious $ony?

Jockamo1786d ago

Isn't there some sort of confidentiality agreement that he's breaking?

MariaHelFutura1787d ago

Who hasn't lost touch w/ their audience?

TheTwelve1787d ago

The man is young and, you never know, he might be able to work for Sony again.

But he'll blow any chances he has by trashing them right now.


ChrisW1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

What?!? LBP Karting is going to die because of no PR?
Oh well... back to Mario Kart.

Robtheghoul1787d ago Show
ALLWRONG1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Nice spin for people losing their jobs, way to go. I'm sure if you lost your jobs you would say the same thing... right?

"You have to wonder what the hell PlayStation was thinking laying off more than half of their software PR team going into the holiday season,"

That's a lot of people without jobs. But hey good for Sony though huh?