U.S. hardware sales spin overshadowed by the real data

Matt Matthews, Gamasutra- "Microsoft may be riding high after record sales in 2011, and it may feel confident that 2012 "will be a bigger year," but the facts so far at retail in the U.S. are not on Microsoft's side. Xbox 360 hardware sales are down 24 percent so far this year compared to the same January-February period in 2011.

For its part, Sony is basking in the "overwhelming enthusiasm amongst gamers" that accompanied the U.S. launch of its new PlayStation Vita handheld system. However, I expect they are at least a little concerned that the initial couple weeks resulted in sales of just over 220,000 systems."

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MultiConsoleGamer2235d ago

"but the facts so far at retail in the U.S. are not on Microsoft's side."

Uh, they've been in first place for months. The swept the holiday season, and they have the most momentum going into 2012. (Unless you're talking about Japan, where its RIP Xbox 360.) They're even pulling ahead in Europe, which comes as a surprise even to me.

Also, one of these companies lost nearly 11 Billion Dollars US since 2009. Can you guess which one it is? See no matter how things look at retail, until you've offset those massive losses you've got nothing to crow about.

GribbleGrunger2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

er... so I agree that this article is stupid because MS are on top in America, but just where the hell are you getting the idea that MS are pulling away in Europe. they're not just losing in Europe but they've been getting trounced in Europe for over three years now. they're currently sitting at around 4 million behind in Europe, overtaken by the PS3 which released 18 months later than the 360. trounced is probably an understatement... but, like i said, this article is odd in light of the fact that in America the 360 still outsells the PS3 every week. of course, the PS3 outsells the 360 in every other region by a lot more than the 360 outsells the PS3 in America, which is why the PS3 outsells the 360 every week (until MS give their console away every Christmas) a good strategy in my opinion

MultiConsoleGamer2235d ago

You better check your number because you're in for a big surprise.

And you're also wrong about "every othe region."

The times they are a changing.

EVILDEAD3602235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

If gamasutra would have done at least 5 minutes of research they would realize WHY the 360 YOY sales are lower this year.

Last Feb was the first year Kinect was on sale. The 360 had an pretty decent January but the an anomally happened in Feb..

Feb 11 broke records as the biggest non-holiday selling month in the HISTORY of the 360.

Even without matching up to last years data, the 360 is still number one in NPD. Overall, Micrsoft alone came off a record breaking hoiliday and its sales are tapering off as the months go by.

But to pretend 400K month in the month of Feb is silliness. Especially when all consoles sold under those numbers in the region.

It'll be interesting to see next months number and ultimately the quarter, but this year will definately be heavily contested all the way around for all consoles.


MrBeatdown2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )


Defense! *clap* *clap* Defense!

It isn't "negative spin". It's only addressing Microsoft's assertion that 2012 will be a bigger year than 2011.

It's basic logic. If February 2011 "broke records as the biggest non-holiday selling month in the HISTORY or the 360," and they just came off a "record breaking holiday," and they don't have that same record breaking "anomaly" in 2012, that puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to topping 2011.

Logic FTW.

humbleopinion2234d ago

I am actually surprised by the Gamasutra analysis, and for different reasons than the anomaly Evildead mentioned.
This is because when MS announced that they believe 2012 can be a bigger year, I assume that they are talking about the whole ecosystem and not just console sales.
Just think about it: all those people who bought the console last year? They're part of the increased userbase now. Most of them will buy games, and others will subscribe to services such as Live Gold and Netflix.

This makes sense for most consoles, not just the Xbox: as time passes the userbase increases and more money is generated. The Wii might be an exception to that rule because the numbers show that it was more of a trendy thing to buy it and then many people just abandoned it, and it's going to be replaced soon.

The PS3 and Xbox however both have a very active user base and tons of expected titles in the coming year, from exclusives such as Halo 4 and The Last of Us, to juggernaut multiplatform games like GTA V. And both are still selling at a very high retail price, which is rather unusual for a 5-6 years old hardware. Just imagine how many units will fly of the shelves once MS or Sony put their consoles at a mass market price of 150$ or less...

sikbeta2234d ago


MS is not losing is Europe, MS and Sony are close in sales + more X360s are sold in UK than PS3s, so it's not a big difference

Japan is where MS performes really bad, but home console is dying there, so there is no much to lose anyway, with the inclusion of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, home console sales are going to be worst, unless you're Nintendo :P

Dlacy13g2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I find it pretty funny that people are somehow finding this article "stupid" or whatever defensive word they want to use.

The article isn't attacking MS purely... being very honest its not "Attacking" any company but rather analyzing the industry over the past months compared to last year and other trends.

Yes, yes...MS was number one on the NPD charts again... but look at the real data for heaven sake. Being #1 on a list of hardware sold but being down 24% compared to what you did last year isn't exactly great news. Sure its nice you were #1 but your sales are declining. And its the same FOR EVERYONE...Sony and Nintendo...all 3 home consoles are seeing declining sales compared to last year for both Jan and Feb of 2012.

Its certainly great for MS and Sony being 1 & 2 in the hardware ranks...but getting excited over that is just a public PR thing. Its like trying to say "I am really happy I got promoted to Captain of the ship even though the ship has a huge hole in it and is starting to sink".

More than anything this article points towards something we all are understanding...current generation consoles have more or less run their course at and with out price cutting they will continue a downward numbers trend. New hardware will be coming.... this year and next we most likely will have all 3 companies either launching their new hardware (WiiU & the code named xbox Durrango) or announced it (PS4)

Edit: Yes MS may be trying to position this as the biggest year yet for Xbox in 2012...but again that is PR spin. I mean what else would you expect them to say after 2011 was the best year they ever had? They certainly arent gonna say "2011 was great, but lets be real 2012 wont measure up". And yes, it "could" happen that 2012 is bigger. Gamasutra even admits that, but after Jan & Feb were both down months it will take extrodinary effort to make that happen now.

gamingdroid2234d ago

This is a natural decline in the industry due to saturation in the market.

MS is on top worldwide as of last count, and the data do suggest it getting worse and I expect it too for all three console manufacturers. However, MS still has at least one ace up it's sleeve that no one else has, and that is a price cut on both Kinect and Xbox 360s.

I think MS is best positioned right now.... and Nintendo has a huge opportunity as the market is ready for a new "next" generation console.

zeeshan2234d ago

What the heck is he talking about? Vita's sales for 8 days are good especially considering the crappy economy!

Montrealien2234d ago

It's articles like these that remind me how messed up some N4G users can be, and for a good laugh, I look up comments from 4 years ago.

I have said it 4 years ago, and I will say it again. The industry as a whole is doing amazing, and that is great for all of us. And to side on one of the console makers like they are a robot fighting in the sky, shows that you may infact have a brain tumor, it would be the only thing that could explain such a retarded emotional attachemt to a videogame console.

andibandit2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )


Vita sales so far have been average, saying theyre good is just making a fool of yourself.

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GribbleGrunger2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

show me these European numbers so i can be shocked. see you in 2013 with the PS3 lead

the lead the 360 has is less than 3 million now... gloating will always make you look silly in the end, especially when it's misinformed

oh, and the 360 has been fourth since the Vita released in Europe and America. it might manage third when the Vita loses some steam.

edit: show me these European numbers then...

MultiConsoleGamer2235d ago

I definitely wouldn't gloat. I'm not sure how I feel about a MS dominated future.

tiffac0082235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

I'd like to see this EU numbers that your claiming as well because from what I remember only the UK is EU country that is 360 dominated, the rest are PS3.

dark-hollow2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Wait till 2010...I mean 2011...errr I mean 2012!!
No no seriously, 2015 is the year the ps3 gonna take the lead!!!

Rinse and repeat, every year.

MaxXAttaxX2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

You're missing the point.

PS3 is constantly selling more/faster than 360 overall.
360 had an 8 mil unit head start and the PS3 has cut it down to only 3.
Without that extra year, 360 would never even be "ahead" by such measly amount.

And "year of the PS3" refers to games. Successful for over 4 years in a row now.

xPhearR3dx2234d ago


I think you're missing his point. What you just stated, is the same comment we've been hearing year after year. Each and every one of those exact words is what has been said over, and over, and over again. When and if the PS3 finally passes the 360 in overall units sold. Then talk. Until then, you just sound like a broken record.

Frankfurt2234d ago

"See you in 2013"... where the PS3 will lead THIS GEN, while WiiU and XBox 720 will be NEXT GEN.

maniacmayhem2234d ago

***see you in 2013 with the PS3 lead***

I think even the most die hard Sony fans have given up repeating this statement every new year.

Montrealien2234d ago

I could link you to comments that say the samr thing you are saying Nathan, from 2007! Bottom line, it means shit, as long as they are both selling well, thaqt is all that matters to all of us, as gamers.

kaveti66162234d ago

"gloating will always make you look silly in the end"

You keep adjusting the "end" so you look sillier.

I remember the adamant claim that PS3 would overtake 360 in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and now you're talking about 2013.

With each passing year, you (the fanboys who play this game) look sillier and sillier, and the hollow victory of being second while losing billions of dollars and large chunks of marketshare has become a pointless goal.

Apologies, but no matter what happens in 2013, a reflective examination of this generation is going to show that Microsoft's gaming division succeeded as a business, and Sony's gaming division faltered. And Nintendo, the unsung victor of this debacle, managed to handily defeat two gaming giants without resorting to mudslinging, timed exclusivity, spec-battles, etc.

It's over, dude. It's finished.

MaxXAttaxX2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

It doesn't matter how long people have been saying it. It remains true.

PS3 may not have passed 360 just yet, BUT that doesn't change the fact that it DOES sell more than 360, cutting down an 8 mil gap down to 2 or 3 mil.

* Logic dictates that if they both released at the same exact time, 360 would be behind PS3 by at least 5 mil.

kaveti66162234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

"Logic dictates that if they both released at the same exact time, 360 would be behind PS3 by at least 5 mil."

And by what logic do you think that matters?

It doesn't matter anymore that it launched a year early because the PS3 has had 6 years to surpass it and has failed to do so. In every single one of those 6 years, Sony fanboys who had no financial stake in the company still took it upon themselves to inform this small site that the PS3 was going to trounce the 360. And when it didn't happen in 2007, they said fine, 2008, and when it didn't happen in 2008, they said, "uh..okay, definitely in 2009" and when it didn't happen then, they continued to run their stupid, little mouths. They couldn't leave well enough alone.

It's now the year 2012, and you're STILL talking about this, as if it matters. You know how they say a broken clock is right twice a day? Well, it seems to me you guys are the broken clocks, and you're just waiting and waiting and waiting until your damn claims come true. Worse than Michael Pachter.

And so what's going to happen in 2013 (or 2014 or 2015) when the PS3 does finally achieve a higher sell count than 360?

Absolutely nothing. Get a life. Start celebrating your own accomplishments instead of some random corporation's.

MaxXAttaxX2232d ago

All I'm saying is that it's doing better within the same time frame.
"Place" doesn't matter to me. Wii is in "1st" and that by no means makes it better than either HD console.

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MrBeatdown2235d ago

Wow. Someone completely missed the point.

That quote has NOTHING to do with MS's competitors so being in first is completely irrelevant here. The only thing the author was referring to in that quote was Microsoft's performance relative to their performance during the same time from last year.

Try reading that quote in context...

"Microsoft may be riding high after record sales in 2011, and it may feel confident that 2012 "will be a bigger year," but the facts so far at retail in the U.S. are not on Microsoft's side. Xbox 360 hardware sales are down 24 percent so far this year compared to the same January-February period in 2011."

Microsoft is saying 2012 will be bigger than 2011. But if they are selling three consoles now for every four they sold last year, that's not exactly what you'd call it good start for turning that claim into a reality.

Dlacy13g2234d ago

Bubbles+ for understanding what the article really is about.

banner2234d ago

Yea... Some ppl just get carried away..

On topic,
I think its just too early, we know they will (ms) drop the price.. We also know that halo 4 will be out, maybe gta v, you cant deny those 2 games push consoles... And with a price of $150! C'mon...

Imo the 360 has nothing left to prove, ms came in as the under dog with a shamefull lost last gen and look at them now 7 yrs later. Again, imo.... The 360 has already won this gen (hd) whether sony sells more over all this yr next yr or 5 yrs from now, sony no longer has that death lock it had just one gen ago...

GraveLord2235d ago

PS3 still leading in Europe dude.
Try again.

maniacmayhem2234d ago

Europe is not the world.


adorie2234d ago

Neither is America. I tend to think Europe is bigger too. lol.

EVILDEAD3602234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

@ Mr. Beatdown

Aww..Did I strike a nerve? Defense? Talk about classic Hypocrisy..shouldn't you be running around trolling Mass Effect 3 articles with spoilers from a game you never played?

On Topic..

Here's the bottomline..

In 2011 the 360 had a great Jan and record breaking Feb NPD. But then it normalized.

At the end of 2011, we all saw the record breaking holiday Micrsoft had.

Now for this year wht you are seeing is steady numbers for January and Feb, which although has Micrsoft leading NPD as they have for over a year, it still isn't the freak numbers of 2011.

But, what is crazy is that they are only trailing tht record breaking Feb by 100K.

If the article is simply to disprove Micrsoft statement that they hope to top 2011 then are we REALLY going to pretend that 100K in the 2nd month of the year is going to make THAT much of a difference.

This is EXACTLY the faulty logic people had last year when Sep 2011 NPD was as strong as the year prior (when Halo Reach was released). Certain people called doom and gloom from that point on, but boy did they eat crow when the year was over.

I've been saying it all along, if that's Micrsoft
s goal then that's cool, butthey have their work cut out for them if they are to achieve the same amount of success in 2012.


Outside_ofthe_Box2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

"Aww..Did I strike a nerve? Defense? Talk about classic Hypocrisy..shouldn't you be running around trolling Mass Effect 3 articles with spoilers from a game you never played?"

lmao... that is the type of response you get when someone is upset about getting owned...

undisputed2234d ago

Seems like someone struck your nerves, otherwise you wouldn't need an essay to defend a piece of plastic.

MrBeatdown2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )


Seems I was the one to strike a nerve, otherwise you wouldn't be resorting to sad, nonsensical attempts to paint me as a troll. Once again, your wild imagination has gotten the better of you.

Where am I trolling by posting spoilers to games I never played? I posted two comments about Mass Effect 3, both of which anyone can see for themselves here...

Both were prior to the game releasing. Both articles dealt with the day 1 DLC and the outrage over the content it featured. Even then, I put a spoiler warning in one of them. And the other comment was in response to a comment that already spoiled the contents of the DLC, which was after the content was spoiled by the article.

And there was no trolling. And I made no assumptions or definitive statement about the content. I simply posed a question. A question that got me a combined 20 agrees and 3 disagrees across both articles.

It really is sad how far you'll go to warp the truth in your favor. Seems you have a very loose interpretation of trolling. Quite hypocritical from someone who throws around the term "fankid" quite frequently and claims to be above it all. Not to mention runs around accusing users, including me, of having multiple accounts with absolutely no basis for it. Can one get bubbled down for attempting to spread misinformation and slandering other users?

And facts are facts. The 360 didn't sell as much as it did during the same timeframe last year. That's not just February, which YOU specifically mentioned. It's January AND February the author was talking about. For someone who always has an arsenal of numbers at the ready should anyone dare speak ill of Microsoft, you should know that they sold 220,000 fewer consoles so far this year than last. That's over 100,000 less, not just in February, but each month. That makes it harder for Microsoft to achieve their goal, especially if that trend continues until they drop the price. It's as simple as that. It doesn't surprise me that you'd prefer to write it off as negative spin than just accept it for the very simple piece of common sense that it is.

EVILDEAD3602234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

@ Mr Beatdown or anybody else..

See I simply posted a comment and you jumped in and came at me..I gave it back to you exactly the same way. If you can't take then don't dish it out.

See the hypocrisy from YOU and from this site in general is you keep blabbing this nonsense that I care if someone 'dares speak ill of Micrsoft.'

Your that's where YOU are delusional. This is N4G, speaking ill of Micrsoft is a minute by minute daily accepted consensus. The truth is what bothers people like you and others on this site is if you DON'T bash Micrsoft at every turn and DARE to say ANYTHING that isn't about negative about Microsft THAT is the problem.

But, stop pretending I told ONE Lie or distorted ONE fact. I could care less how many Mass Effect articles you were in, I only saw the one I was replying in and I have zero respect for people who literally went out of their way to drop spoilers DLC, ending or otherwise to subvert other peoples enjoyment of the game. If the article had spoilers then why not LEAVE it in the article and instead regurgitating it in the comments section.

On topic..

I'm not going to repeat what I wrote again because you literally couldnt prove ONE point wrong.

I NEVER concentrated ONLY on February when I talked about last year's numbers..Here are BOTH MY quotes from BOTH articles.

'Last Feb was the first year Kinect was on sale. The 360 had an pretty decent JANUARY but the an anomally happened in Feb.'

'In 2011 the 360 had a great JAN and record breaking Feb NPD. But then it normalized.'

Now how hard was that to read..For YOU it clearly must have been.

I simply used Feb as the example because it was a record breaking month no more no less.

So here are the FACTS as YOU see it..Micrsoft sold 200 thousand less in Jan and Feb NPD so it's 'that much harder for them to achieve their goal.

Here's another about you look back 2 months further and make the same claim.

In November 2011 the 360 sold over 300 thousand more than they did the year prior.

In December 2011 the 360 sold over 800 thousand more than the year prior.

Meaning in the last 2 months alone the 360 sold over a million more than they did the year prior.

So are you honestly going to claim that a measely 200K in the first 2 months of 2012 is REALLY so impossibly hard to overcome?

Logic say no..

Just like you claimed in your other comment

Logic FTW..follow your own advice


MrBeatdown2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

See, the difference is that I "came at you" using only what was in your comment. You didn't "give it back to me in exactly the same way". You took previous, completely unrelated comments, and completely misrepresented what I wrote, insinuating I was trolling and spoiling ME3. That's a far cry from me calling you out on your foolish comment. Unlike you, I didn't need to clarify when I was getting back "on topic", because I never went off topic to begin with.

It's funny you tell me to stop "pretending" you spread one lie or piece of misinformation. It's not pretending when the proof is posted in my comment that I wasn't trolling or spoiling anything without very obvious warnings. You're spreading BS, and it isn't the first time you've tried. Simple as that.

It's also funny listening to you continue to preach about spoilers, when I posted a very clear spoiler warning, in my comment responding to an article that contained spoilers. Take your ramblings about "no respect" and "subverting other people's enjoyment of the game" elsewhere because it sure doesn't apply to me. And hell, Bioware doesn't even consider it a spoiler. It's right there in the content description on Xbox Live and PSN. Unless you buy content from Live without reading the description, it's spoiled for everyone before they buy it. There's no way around it. But do keep making an issue out of nothing. It's funny watching you try to dig your way out of the hole you've made for yourself.

And "on topic"...

You're pointing out that you mentioned January. So? You also said...

"If the article is simply to disprove Micrsoft statement that they hope to top 2011 then are we REALLY going to pretend that 100K in the 2nd month of the year is going to make THAT much of a difference."

Nobody is pretending that the 100K in February is going to make that much of a difference. It's, LIKE I SAID, based on January AND February, and the indication of a trend of decline year over year that all systems are experiencing. It's funny you make it sound like I have a hard time reading your comments when it's you that seems to have a hard time reading your own.

And bringing up holiday 2011 serves what purpose? You think it's easy to top that when holiday 2012 rolls around? Sales have been down, not just for 360 but all systems year over year for the past two months. If that pattern continues, Microsoft not only has to do more than they did in 2011 to compensate for that decline, but go even above and beyond that to ensure it's a better year.

"So are you honestly going to claim that a measely 200K in the first 2 months of 2012 is REALLY so impossibly hard to overcome?"

Did I ever say the first two months of 2012 were hard to overcome? Nope. I just clarified the author's point since you couldn't figure it out yourself... Starting out slower makes it HARDER (note the "ER" at the end) than it would be if sales stayed consistent, which is basic, common sense any two first graders racing each other on the playground can understand. How hard it will actually be for MS to meet their goals remains to be seen.

Like I said... Logic (and reading comprehension) FTW.

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BubloZX2234d ago

Gribble is right the 360 is behind the Ps3 by 4 million. I mean look at the charts. The 360 has more then 10 million more in sales in the US on the ps3. Yet the ps3 is only 3 million and closing behind worldwide. Seems like your in denial about how close they really are.

Clarence2234d ago

M$ definitely doing well in NA but your wrong about Europe. The PS3 has caught and passed the 360. Without NA 360 would not be in the lead. The PS3 has caught mainly because it's outselling the 360 in most regions.
These numbers are from Oct 2011. It's now Mar 2012. The PS3 lead has increased since then.

showtimefolks2234d ago

this just hasn't stopped with all these articles how about this every console is selling well what should matter to us are games and we all know who can and will deliver hardcore games and who will deliver casual titles

BIGBOSS082234d ago

"pulling ahead in europe"

i hate when people pull stuff out their ass. nintendo gave official europe sales for last year and it showed the ps3 ahead all year in europe apart from the last few weeks where the wii took off for the holidays. 360 wasnt even near ps3 or wii. microsoft are way behind nintendo and sony in europe so just stick to boasting about NPD.

undisputed2234d ago

Hate to break it to ya but Microsoft is not in first place.

2234d ago
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Majin-vegeta2235d ago

"Sales of the PSP and PS2 are already insignificant, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them completely disappear this year.*


GribbleGrunger2235d ago

yeah, i chuckled at the too.

Grimhammer002235d ago

MS are heading for some harsher times. But really it pails to hardcore gamers desire for exclusives.

And though not really related...after WiiU goes through that period of omg new console....I expect it to fall behind MS.

Lyle912234d ago

Considering it will be more powerful and it should be priced nearly the same, I don't see how it would fall behind.

shadow27972235d ago

Easy, MS is going to drop the price of the 360 (and maybe Kinect). Thus 2012>2011. You've got to read between the lines.