Play Video Games in Public Day

PixlBit | "We’re at a crossroads, my friends. Now is a critical time to set out to change the world’s attitudes towards our beloved video games. Even though we have to suffer through mainstream press articles about how big of a money maker Call of Duty is relative to Hollywood blockbusters, and even though everyone from toddlers to grandmas got pretty nuts about Angry Birds there for a while – gaming is still looked down upon. As more and more people who grew up playing games stick with them as adults, our little hobby has been gaining more and more legitimacy, but it’s still not enough."

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Darth Gamer2223d ago

I'll be 40 next year and have been an avid video gamer since I fell out of the womb. I own a PS1, PS2 (2) PS3s, XBOX, XBOX360, Gamecube, WII, PSP and PSVITA and play all of them to some extent. I also have 4 children of my own so game time has taken a big back seat lately but I still find time for my favorite hobby. It is amazing that in this day and age, we are still looked upon as playing "kid" games, or get the off color glances if we are seen playing. I am a high school teacher and I always have my VITA with me and the students love that I play. We talk games all the time on our free time. I will definitely play games on October 1st to support out favorite past time. I was going to anyway. :)

ps. I spit out my coffee reading the line " If you are a murderer, please do not participate in "play video games in public day"! Awesome lol

hazelamy2223d ago

every day should be play games in public day. ^_^

knifefight2222d ago

It is, here in Japan ^_^