Four Problems Facing the Wii in 2008: #4 - Innovation and Potential

The fourth and final installment on the problems the Wii is going to be facing in 2008. This part focuses on the innovation that needs to come and the potential that the system has.

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Dlacy13g3757d ago

"We really can’t stress enough that the Wii is not doomed in any sense of the word; if anything it has the brightest lineup this year out of any other consoles,,,"

I found this comment to be a bit ....well, just misguided. I could be wrong...but I just dont see that "bright" future. Brawl and Kart....anything else to really look forward to this year?

v1c1ous3757d ago


well u have to give them till the end of 08. everyone did so for ps3.

here's the deal. every developer started creating for ps3 thinking it was going to be #1 straight off the bat.

games take years to make. thats why all the good ps3 games are starting to come out now as development is finishing for games started in 06.

wii came out and wiped everyone's butt, and impressed everyone BUT this was at the end of 06/start of 07. SO all the companies started to make wii games, but since it takes a cpl of years to make games, we wont see the new stuff till end 08/start 09.

so in a way, given a 2 year period. 07 was 360's year (2 year), 08 sony's (2nd year), wii will get a lot of rpgs and attention form japan which will probably open the floods for great games near end of 08/start of 09.

desolationstorm3756d ago

I think why poeple seem to think there is nothing coming to the wii is because we are so heavily rooted into sequels and established names. Thats not saying everything is, but for the most part Hype tends to surround the big names. If not its usually a publisher that generates the buzz of a new ip or the console manfacturer.

The wii does have lots of games coming in 08, but its hard to get excited about some of them because everythings so differnt with the wii. The controls are no longer just part of the package they are the lure and the excitment over the game.

I think there will be bigger games that have lots of hype but Id say they wont really appear till end of 08/09. As for this year, I still beleive like last year there will be suprise games that have little to no publicity that will capture gamers.

ChickeyCantor3756d ago

you know, last year people said > after zelda and mario there is nothing to look forward to......

soon it will be after ToS 2 and some other game there is nothing tot look forward to.

lets keep saying that okai =D

wiizy3757d ago

the wii is innovation and alot of innovative games are coming in 08.. wii fit, pes2008 from konami and more

rofldings3756d ago

wii fit is not a game and PES2008 is superior on the PS3/360/PC.

Iron Man 23756d ago

Agreed rofldings,Wii fit is not a game but a little plastic toy and all multiplatform games are all best on PS3/Xbox 360 and PC;)

desolationstorm3756d ago

Wii Fit is a game its stupid for poeple to act like its not. Yes it may not be deep, but your still interacting with it. Its a game and no matter what poeple say about it doesnt matter because its gonna sell like crazy here in the states.

as for your multiplatform games that remains to be seen since PES isnt even out yet for wii.

I agree some games will be better on ps3/360 like CoD3 the sense of realism would be acheived better on the ps3/360. Though some games it doesnt matter and the differnt experiance on the wii someitmes is better. I really enjoyed Madden 07 and if you check metaCritics it has the highest avg score of the next gen counter parts.

Games where atmosphere is real big part of the experiance will more then likely be done better on the more powerful machinces but where interaction with what is happening on screen is important thats where some multiplatform wii games will shine.

hotrider123756d ago

why cant nintendo make a new contra game?? or break out with some classic games up graded

desolationstorm3756d ago

There is a new Contra game its called Contra 4 and its on DS. Nintendo has nothing to do with the Contra series since Konami owns the game.

PS360WII3756d ago

Contra 4 on DS is insanly hard on easy! Awesome game :)

desolationstorm3756d ago

Im just saying I dont see how anyone could diagree with my previous statement because it was just fact. How do you diagree with a fact? Im just messing I think this whole agree and diagree thing is fun.

squallsoft3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

... I really don't see the appeal of the wii's controlls. I've had extensive play time with teh console at my friends house (he just recently sold it to get a ps3), and i dont see how its controlls are any more innovative than Xbox Live, PSN or Eye of Judgement on PS3 (among other PSEye games. And to top that all off, I think HD Media is the biggest innovation in this generation (Blu-Ray).

Slap those Wii controlls onto a system as powerfull as 360 and PS3, and include Blu Ray, then lets talk...

Mabey next time Nintendo...

Of course this is my opinion so feel free disagree with justifaction!


squallsoft3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

... but no reason behind it, so you fail.



you fail..... :-)

PS360WII3756d ago

Got to love disagree'ers.

Live wasn't part of this next gen seeing it was on original xbox along with Eye toy was on PS2. HD medium is great and all but only used on one console so hasn't proven itself to be the standard in gaming as 2 out of 3 are still using standard DVD's. Along with more movie sales still go to the DVD.

While you find HD graphics the end all be all others find control the end all be all. Sure not all games use the motion well but those games that do actually offer gaming a whole new direction to go into which is a big plus to many genres that have been nothing but the same for 7 plus years.

If the next gen shows all systems with motion then you can see the importance the Wii has been in the gaming world.

desolationstorm3756d ago

I would have agreed with you, but I really dont see how blueray was the best addition to gaming this gen. What does it allow to be done? Not have to compress data? Which is offset because they cant compress it because it would take to long to read. If you like it because you only want one disc compaired to multiple discs I could understand. Though dvds kinda offset the need for multi disc games. Not all yes, but the vast majority of games are not multi disc this gen or last.

Most other things were touched on by PS360WII so Ill not go back to them.

Motion controls or at the very least on screen interaction has changed forever now. Nintendos proven that the markets there and they have proven they can innovate and not have to tack on(non launch games) motion controls. Wario ware on GC was ehhh nothing really special but on wii the game is fantastic and fresh.

Its a split generation, on one hand I anticpate graphicaly inhanced games and more interaction with the enviroment. On the other hand Im am excited about the possiblites and the freshness that comes from wii games. Some are just so revitilized that it captures and draws you in.

Ill own all there systems because its necessary well atleast owning two are.
ps3/360 - for experiances like Bioshock or Uncharted
wii - Zack and Wiki and wario ware.

ChickeyCantor3756d ago

" and i dont see how its controlls are any more innovative than Xbox Live"

cant believe you actually said this =/

squallsoft3755d ago

for further justification of my opinion...


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bigjclassic3756d ago

NMH- so far an excellent game.
Mario Kart Wii
Fatal Frame 4
Star Wars Unleashed-feels that this could be the best version.
Tales of Symphonia 2
Dragon Quest Swords
Samba De Amigo
Final Fantasy CC: CB

not bad if you ask me.

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