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What is Atlus Teasing? Trauma Team for Wii U and 3DS?

396d ago - Atlus has launched a brand new teaser site, with a ultrasound of a baby. Its kind of creepy, but... | Wii U

GammaSquad’s 50 Greatest Console Games Of The Past Generation (#30 – 21)

401d ago - Here are the games you might want to pop in one more time before you upgrade, or perhaps search t... | Wii

I finally finished a game (maybe)

742d ago - Bitmob Writer Evan Killham, who hasn't completed a game in three months, does so. He's not sure h... | PC

GameZone's very serious list of top 50 Wii games (#30 - #21)

753d ago - GameZone: "While individuals had to look past games like [insert lame mini-game collection] and [... | Wii

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NWR: Best of the Wii: Trauma Team

826d ago - NWR: Nate, Guillaume, and Carmine diagnose one of the Wii's best. | Wii

Best of the Wii: Our Top 10 Third-Party Wii Games #7

828d ago - "The best prescription. After its debut entry, Atlus’ Trauma Center series received a steady... | Wii

The Top 10 Best Wii Games (Not Published By Nintendo)

835d ago - The most popular console of this generation is dead. Here are the best 3rd party Wii games you pr... | Wii

The best Wii games you didn’t play, handpicked by industry pros

964d ago - GamesBeat reached out to some key games industry figures (from Nintendo, 2D Boy, Gaijin Games, an... | Wii

Gameroni: Top 21 in 2010 - 15) Trauma Team

1430d ago - 2010 was a busy year and it saw the release of a bunch of great games. Staff and regular freelanc... | Wii

GameZone: Five 2010 Games to Play in December

1466d ago - GameZone's Shirley Chase takes a look at terrific but under-the-radar titles from earlier this ye... | Nintendo DS

Kotaku: Trauma Team Review: One Of Those Better Games

1606d ago - Kotaku writes: "There are the video games we expect to be great, games from which we expect innov... | Wii

Top 10 Nintendo Wii Games Released in the First-Half of 2010

1609d ago - The Nintendo Wii is quietly having a great year of new releases. Here are the top 10 games releas... | Wii

NNOW: Trauma Team Review

1615d ago - Most people are familiar with the Trauma Center series by Atlus. The surgical series started on t... | Wii

Trauma Team – Crush! Frag! Review!

1624d ago - CFD!'s Nate Andrews heads back into operating room with Atlus' newest entry in the Trauma Center... | Wii

NWR: Trauma Team Review

1630d ago - NWR writes: "The Trauma Center franchise has seen four entries, two for Wii and two for DS. For... | Wii

Review: Trauma Team - Examiner

1649d ago - As of late, people have become fascinated with the world of medicine and forensic science. With T... | Wii

ZombieFrog: Trauma Team Review

1649d ago - ZombieFrog reviews the Wii title Trauma Team from Atlus. New Trauma with a new focus makes for a... | Wii

Original Gamer: Trauma Team Review

1652d ago - Original Gamer: "Atlus, known for their ball-busting hard games, returns to the medical simulati... | Wii

Diehard GameFAN Review: Trauma Team

1654d ago - Diehard GameFAN writes: "From the first time I picked the first Trauma Center: Under the Knife, I... | Wii

VGC Review: Trauma Team

1655d ago - The criminal, the superhero, and six different game modes completely reinvent the franchise. | Wii

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GameShark: Trauma Team Review

1655d ago - GameShark writes: "Despite flying casually under-the-radar these past few years, the Trauma Cente... | Wii

Gamernode: Trauma Team Review

1657d ago - Gamernode writes: "If you've ever wanted to be a doctor, but would rather not worry about precisi... | Wii

VGTribune Reviews: Trauma Team

1662d ago - The Trauma Center series has been one of our favorite franchises here at VGTribune. We’ve played... | Wii

Trauma Team’s Sultry First Run Bonus In Japan

1663d ago - There’s already been some debate over the box art differences between Atlus’s latest medical dram... | Wii

PixelJumpers: Trauma Team Review

1663d ago - Trauma Team is the latest in the Trauma series for the Nintendo Wii. For those unfamiliar with th... | Wii
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