Nintendo Wii U: "we believe in making money on our hardware"

(GamesIndustry International) Reggie Fils-Aime on pricing, the five month launch window and why the industry thought Nintendo were "nuts"

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decrypt2281d ago

Which is why your hardware is 4 years old (5 when released). Yet you market it as next gen.

Doesnt really matter though, console gamers dont care about graphics. I say good strategy ;-)

ChunkyLover532281d ago

Next gen is a term used to describe the number in which hardware is released. It has absolutely nothing to do with the hardware itself, the tech inside or anything like that.

That being said, I'm impressed with the Wii U, the difference between the next generation and its consoles wont be as glaring as the current one. Developers and the console makers themselves have been saying that the next generation wont be as large a leap as this one was. Simply by having an HD console with the ability to do 1080p native and 60fps is going to keep Nintendo and the Wii U on top of the market, of course it helps launching at least a full year ahead of the competition.

Moonman2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

The N64 had 64 bits compared to PS1 32 bits and they were in the same generation. You are correct. Nintendo is a sole games company. They must make money on hardware.

Grap2281d ago

ur pic describe ur personalty.. "dysfunctional"

Hatsune-Miku2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I believe in getting my money's worth and the wii u isn't worth the asking price.

The n64 was released two years after the ps1 and in the end didn't really show its graphical prowess. Games like mgs 1, gt 1 and 2 and a few other titles displayed graphics above what was seen on n64.

GameCube was released a year after PS2.

Lucretia2281d ago

so to u CHUNKYboy

the wii was next gen compared to the GC????? because it had a neew controller???

LOL. No one said it wasnt next gen, just a poor example of what a Next gen console SHOULD be.

honestly the wii could have been an accessory to the Gamecube

2281d ago
Persistantthug2281d ago

Just wondering how anyone knows this?

dead_eye2281d ago


Wow loads of pre-orders. sold loads. who gives a fuck about those things. nothing I've seen of the wii u really impresses me. the the wii was shit

Dms20122280d ago

A bit too early to tell, we don't know how much of a generational gap there will be graphics wise since we know nothing of MS or Sony's next consoles. It could be small, or it could be instantly noticeable. However this will not matter much to the general public, as they may see the WiiU as "good enough".

Septic2280d ago

Am I the only one who feels an overwhelming urge to punch Reggie in the face? He just has THAT kind of face. I was never a bully at school but if he were around, I think that would change lol.

ON TOPIC: I think the Wii U will have enough power to deliver some great experiences. Also, whilst I intend to buy all the consoles on day 1 of their release, I think a lot of people will buy a PS4 or 720 AND a Wii U similar to what they did with the Wii. I am excited about what Ninty can pull off with the tech.

Exciting times ahead on all fronts really.

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Lucretia2281d ago

and that is why they created the Wii

tehpees32281d ago

Smart decision. Your A LOT more likely to stay selling at profits. Even though Gamecube sold 22 million Nintendo made profits. Microsoft made a loss on every Xbox sold.

stuna12281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Reggie I don't really think you're giving the WII U the vote of confidence that you think you are!

That statement is more telling than most people will realise.

wiiu_peeu2281d ago

Thats obvious lol and it is a good business model especially since ppl buy into the nintendo pr talk and buy the hardware irregardless of how outdated the tech is and how weak it is compared to the competition. If i were nintendo id be doing the same thing.

stuna12281d ago

That "Golden Goose" statement should have people analyzing this more closely, but sadly it'll sail right over their heads!

This falls into the realm of when sony said we would have to get second jobs for the ps3.

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