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Submitted by donniebaseball 1173d ago | interview

Nintendo Wii U: "we believe in making money on our hardware"

(GamesIndustry International) Reggie Fils-Aime on pricing, the five month launch window and why the industry thought Nintendo were "nuts" (Industry, Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aime, Wii U)

decrypt  +   1173d ago
Which is why your hardware is 4 years old (5 when released). Yet you market it as next gen.

Doesnt really matter though, console gamers dont care about graphics. I say good strategy ;-)
ChunkyLover53  +   1172d ago
Next gen is a term used to describe the number in which hardware is released. It has absolutely nothing to do with the hardware itself, the tech inside or anything like that.

That being said, I'm impressed with the Wii U, the difference between the next generation and its consoles wont be as glaring as the current one. Developers and the console makers themselves have been saying that the next generation wont be as large a leap as this one was. Simply by having an HD console with the ability to do 1080p native and 60fps is going to keep Nintendo and the Wii U on top of the market, of course it helps launching at least a full year ahead of the competition.
Moonman  +   1172d ago
The N64 had 64 bits compared to PS1 32 bits and they were in the same generation. You are correct. Nintendo is a sole games company. They must make money on hardware.
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Grap  +   1172d ago
ur pic describe ur personalty.. "dysfunctional"
Hatsune-Miku  +   1172d ago
I believe in getting my money's worth and the wii u isn't worth the asking price.

The n64 was released two years after the ps1 and in the end didn't really show its graphical prowess. Games like mgs 1, gt 1 and 2 and a few other titles displayed graphics above what was seen on n64.

GameCube was released a year after PS2.
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Lucretia  +   1172d ago
so to u CHUNKYboy

the wii was next gen compared to the GC????? because it had a neew controller???

LOL. No one said it wasnt next gen, just a poor example of what a Next gen console SHOULD be.

honestly the wii could have been an accessory to the Gamecube
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Persistantthug  +   1172d ago
@ChunkyLover53.....How do you know that the Wii U can do AAA retail games at 1080p and 60 frames?
Just wondering how anyone knows this?
dead_eye  +   1172d ago

Wow loads of pre-orders. sold loads. who gives a fuck about those things. nothing I've seen of the wii u really impresses me. the the wii was shit
Dms2012  +   1172d ago
A bit too early to tell, we don't know how much of a generational gap there will be graphics wise since we know nothing of MS or Sony's next consoles. It could be small, or it could be instantly noticeable. However this will not matter much to the general public, as they may see the WiiU as "good enough".
Septic  +   1172d ago
Am I the only one who feels an overwhelming urge to punch Reggie in the face? He just has THAT kind of face. I was never a bully at school but if he were around, I think that would change lol.

ON TOPIC: I think the Wii U will have enough power to deliver some great experiences. Also, whilst I intend to buy all the consoles on day 1 of their release, I think a lot of people will buy a PS4 or 720 AND a Wii U similar to what they did with the Wii. I am excited about what Ninty can pull off with the tech.

Exciting times ahead on all fronts really.
Lucretia  +   1172d ago
and that is why they created the Wii
tehpees3  +   1172d ago
Smart decision. Your A LOT more likely to stay selling at profits. Even though Gamecube sold 22 million Nintendo made profits. Microsoft made a loss on every Xbox sold.
stuna1  +   1172d ago
Reggie I don't really think you're giving the WII U the vote of confidence that you think you are!

That statement is more telling than most people will realise.
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wiiu_peeu  +   1172d ago
Thats obvious lol and it is a good business model especially since ppl buy into the nintendo pr talk and buy the hardware irregardless of how outdated the tech is and how weak it is compared to the competition. If i were nintendo id be doing the same thing.
stuna1  +   1172d ago
That "Golden Goose" statement should have people analyzing this more closely, but sadly it'll sail right over their heads!

This falls into the realm of when sony said we would have to get second jobs for the ps3.
wiiu_peeu  +   1172d ago
This Chunky sure is gullible lol Nintendo went on record saying that next gen wouldnt be a big leap because they knew their weak system the wii u wouldnt big a big difference over current gen. Your one of the faithfulls that thought Wii u would be 5x more powerfull than current gen and i know they burst your bubble.

Who am i going to believe? Sony who has consistently followed through with making cutting edge tech and making sure the gen leap was noticeable or Iwata trying to sell his wii u which is basically a wii hd? Sorry to bring you down to reality but no offense yiour crazy if you think that what Sony and Micro will bring out will look graphic wise similar to the Wii u which so far shows having nothing over current gen has already gone on record saying that next Ps will release when ready and will be a very noticeable difference!!!!! Let me see wii, ds, 3ds, wii u and ps2, ps3, vita hmmmmm who am i going to believe lol

Boy some ppl on here are brainwashed by Reggie and Iwata and believe anything the same way they believed wii u would be this powerfull system and mass effect 3 would be 1080p native lol You guys keep getting proving wrong but always have a story to tell.
josephayal  +   1172d ago
it's not about graphics, then it's about offering a new experience, and that is what Nintendo is doing
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wiiu_peeu  +   1172d ago
Its not about graphics for some and for others it is or its totally different things. You cant speak for everyone in terms of this. Nintendo is doing what they always do which is maximizing profit on hardware at the loss to the consumer who might want cutting edge tech. You can buy into the Pr talk but every company does it. There are ppl that care less about what they feel is a gimmicky controller and care more about whats in the system and what it will offer. And because of this they wont buy it.

Nintendo is just catering to casuals as usual and it pays off for them so i dont hate at all. But we see what happened to wii it sold a catrillion but many of those catrillions became paper weights or toys for ppls 10 year olds. Sony and Xbox still selling units because ppl realized thats where the gaming exp really is.

And lets not talk about games because last time i checked Sony ps3 is still a powerfull machine and has games, games, games.
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despair  +   1172d ago
I have no problem with companies wanting to make money off their products (kinda the point), it all comes down to whether I think its worth the asking price and for the WiiU I have to say no. I will not attack or try and put down anyone who wants to get the WiiU day 1 because it definitely has a strong lineup and a lot more potential than I usually give nintendo consoles. Plus it seems like devs are really trying this time.

Its just that I don't see anything to truly interest me, the games are either already coming out on another system (or are out already) and a few extras will not make me spend that money again, or they are nintendo exclusives and I cannot get behind nintendo's attitude to do the least improvements and advancements on their key franchises.

Maybe if the price drops 50-100 bucks (yea long wait for me) and the library evolves into something more appealing to me I will consider the console, but until then I don't see it as a worthy investment.
stuna1  +   1172d ago
Those are my sentiments exactly! You'll have someone swearing you have a personal vendetta against company "A" because you favor company "B", when it's nothing of the sort! I just see a problem when you have someone making a statement pertaining to a franchise that 20+ years old, with incremental improvements!

"Golden Goose" my a#s! I've never heard of any goose living that long without becoming the main attraction for christmas dinner.
Saryk  +   1172d ago
If it is fun, that is all that matters.
Axonometri  +   1172d ago
"We believe in making money on our hardware" That's obvious... Your not Apple, your still Nintendo.
MDC31  +   1172d ago
I sold my ps3 for wii u and i will finally get a non-gimped console yayayay
TekoIie  +   1172d ago
What you just said is blasphemous on this site :o
DivineAssault  +   1172d ago
Wii U i think is a decent value.. Not over or under priced in my book considering the prices of current gen systems.. Theres no dvd or blu ray playback & the network needs A LOT of work but its got so so guts.. Problem lies within the nx yr or so... Will MS & Sony show their new consoles? & if so, whats in em? That is what i need to know before buying anything.. Oh & of course games games games.. Wii U doesnt have anything worth diving in for cuz i had netflix years ago & played most of what its gtn..

Fans may disagree but ppl like myself is who nintendo needs to convince. As well as casuals that will see ouya for $100 as a much more attractive price.. Fans are easy money..
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Ck1x  +   1172d ago
I have to tell you that its not rabbid fanatics on fanboards that Nintendo needs to convince, because most of you wouldn't want a Nintendo console anyways if they sent it to you in the mail for free! Most extreme critics are just the minority and this is why the Wii sold, the 3DS is selling and iProducts sell so well. Because individuals crying on message boards about how Nintendo is stealing their games and sending death threats to Platinum Games is mentally retarded. I am not a casual gamer and owned every console this gen, because I am open minded about gaming and not a console racist...
DivineAssault  +   1172d ago
ya.. i am the minority.. i dont buy into trends & mass market products.. what can i say? Im different.. Rather play what i like then what others go nutts over
Ck1x  +   1172d ago
Your gaming library would probably tell otherwise on you! But either way, people hate the Wii and act like it was the first system to be mainstream. When all Nintendo was trying to do was capture the audience that the PS2 had created for itself...
Skynetone  +   1172d ago
owning a wiiu for mario/zelda alone is worth the price of the wiiu and that 40watts usage is amazing.

but i suspect wiiu will strugle with future games, aslong as the ps4 is considerably more powerful, ill stick with the ps4
Xperia_ion  +   1172d ago
I believe I can fly.
KwietStorm  +   1172d ago
lol 5 month launch window
Gamer-Z  +   1172d ago
I think the WiiU is priced reasonably that's why i'm getting it and yes i know its not new tech but hey what console is? By the time a console is released its already old tech, xbox720/PS4 will be no exception to that.
TekoIie  +   1172d ago
im getting it because its going to be different to the other consoles. The touch screen will make some games a hell of a lot more fun :)
SlavisH2  +   1172d ago
Im so so happy sony and M$ don't go by this philosophy or we would be a generation behind right now, DAMN!
BuffMordecai  +   1172d ago
I think the pricing is stupid and will come down much like the 3ds after initially overcharging and getting little sales.
Ck1x  +   1172d ago
I think Nintendo is taking a page out of Microsoft's book here and will only make the Basic bundle cheaper over time, while the Premium will probably get extra features and game bundles but stay at the $350 price tag it started at.
TheDivine  +   1172d ago
Eh its easily worth 300 to me. A 360 is still 200 and a ps3 is 250. It in the same ballpark with 4x the ram, a more powerul gpu, and it has a tablet included! People are using the assumption that next consoles will be much more powerful to make this seem expensive. Even if they are they will be at least 4-500. This is a comparable price for a far superior product to anything available right now period. Its 500 for a vita/ps3 combo which is needed to play like this can. The tablet controller really sets it apart and adds to the value. They coulve gone normal console n controller and it wouldve still been a good value but they threw in a tablet also. How is this not a fair price?

I can see waiting for a bigger library and i can see just not being interested. Some people casually game and a ps3 or 360 alone is enough. Me, i need to play it all. Every console has a handfull of games that are must play games. Imagine missing mgs4, demons souls, uncharted 2, lost odyssey, alan wake, gears 3, witcher 2, mass effect, xenoblade, the last story, metroid prime 3, or skyward sword? Its UNFATHOMABLE!
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