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Did Insomniac Sell It's Soul For Fuse to Be Born

HiddenMission writes: Today a lot of sites are reporting in from an event held by Insomniac Games showing off their latest title Fuse…I mean Overstrike…I mean XCOM but we’ll get to that later. Regardless of the name change the impressions seem to be pretty positive and after reading several articles I figured I would put together a little recap since all the information was not in one place. (Fuse, PS3, Xbox 360)

Godmars290  +   582d ago
Given that all was seen of Overstrike was a teaser trailer, this is really a non-issue. Another case of a game being shown off/talked about too soon.

Like what has happened often this generation.

"Insomniac has to do all they can when they gave PlayStation gamers exceptional games resistance 1 to 3"

You mean like when they implemented the shortcut in R2 for water that had a monster instant-kill you, but you couldn't shoot it?
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Hatsune-Miku  +   582d ago
Insomniac has to do all they can when they gave PlayStation gamers exceptional games resistance 1 to 3 and they didn't sell too well.

Resistance 2 and especially 3 are amazing games but they didn't sell too well. I consider resistance 3 to be in the top 10 amazing games of this gen
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MaxXAttaxX  +   581d ago
"OverStrike" seemed to have more character.
Their outfits were more unique from one another, character design was more stylized and there was a fun vibe to it. I believe that was the game Insomniac said they wanted to make (last year).

"Fuse" on the other... and I hate to say it... looks generic.
What happened?
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pixelsword  +   581d ago
I own all three console Resistance games, and I love them, but heck, they changed everything up between the games, it would have been better if they made three separate stories going across time, instead of sticking with the same person for only two of the three and then leaving Capelli to be in the third game.

- Heck, they even changed the look and sound of the Bullseye! I hated the Bullseye in the third game.
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SilentNegotiator  +   581d ago

Yeah. The original teaser had more of a Team Fortress vibe to it.
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kariyanine  +   581d ago
You don't play many games do you?
Carl_Shocker  +   582d ago
"Like what has happened often this generation"

Yeah but when they changed they became better and more unique...Borderlands for example, first it seemed like a typical, lots of guns and enemies to shoot game with normal style graphics to an insanely fun looking game with differn't styled characters and a great take on cel shaded graphics

The new change to Overstrike dosen't look like a game Insonmiac would make.
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showtimefolks  +   581d ago
Let's see me of the game insomniac are really smart with with EA partner program they own the IP. People just love to hate EA get over it. Unlike other bg publishers EA at least have some decent programs for indi development along with a lot of quality titles

We knew very little about over strike so whatever insomniac thought they needed to change I am with them Ted price and his teams are really smart when it comes to games development

Stop the hate spread the love
forevercloud3000  +   581d ago
Does anyone else see the similarities between Resistance 2 and Fuse/Overstrike?

It appears that the gameplay concept came straight from R2's Coop Multiplayer Mode. I am totally ok with them stealing that idea from their own game but it does perplex me that the mode went mysteriously missing in R3(Which is part of my procrastinating buying it).

Nevertheless it was my favorite mode from the game and loved that almost RPG feel of it. If Fuse can emulate that but make a whole game of it, im game!
Xof  +   581d ago
My general opinion on matters like this is that the only time to doubt a developer comes AFTER they pop out a stinker. So far, Insomniac hasn't failed to deliver.

So, like you said: non-issue.
I would like to see it for pc also. To bad. I wonder if MS will write them a check for something exclusive for a month.
sikbeta  +   581d ago
It's a multiplatform game, PS360 and PC (I think), no checks from anyone, Insomniac wanted to make a multiplat game and retain the IP so EA made the best offer, if it fails or succeed will have nothing to do with a console brand
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BitbyDeath  +   582d ago
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BitbyDeath  +   582d ago
I'd say yes. It's only a matter of time until EA digest them.

Get out while you still can Insomniac!
CernaML  +   581d ago
They should be fine. Things looked like it went quite well for Harmonix.
DFresh  +   581d ago
Yeah I worry too that EA might consume Insomniac.
lategamer  +   581d ago
Sony has tried many times to buy Insomniac, and they've declined multiple times. I expect nothing less if EA offers to buy. Ted Price has stated Insomniac likes to be independent.
BlackPrince 42  +   581d ago
Do we care anymore? IG used to be a top tier developer, but the quality of their games has been on a downhill trajectory since RFOM.
Ashriel  +   582d ago
It's a shame they didn't keep the old character design from the teaser trailer.

So I'm glad they are getting this generally negative reaction, I hope they reconsider, just like Sucker Punch did, when they tried to change Cole.
avengers1978  +   581d ago
i too liked the first design of the game... It seemed like an over the top cartoon, and that instantly made it look fun and interesting.
Run_bare  +   581d ago
yeah, i prefer the old design better, so many serious games these days, need some humour once in a while.
kneon  +   581d ago
I too preferred the general look and tone of the original Overstrike.

While I generally go for a more serious shooter this looked like a game that wasn't going to take itself seriously in anyway, and that's good! We need more variety.
Freak of Nature  +   581d ago
I agree with you both Ashriel and avengers 1978...

I love the carucature realistic toon look and feel, more creativity and style, fun, something fresh, outside of the box to me is what I want....

The game most probably will be good to very good, as for great or fantastic, well....I hope so, but don't like the new art direction, which could mean the same for the gameplay ideas, but will hold out for a final verdict...

I think INSOMNIAC are best suited for toon/R&C style games. I sure hope EA which most certanly are not the evil lots of people call them out for does not consume IG, they allow them as much freedom as possible, and do not make them into a cookie cutter dev house...
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yesmynameissumo  +   582d ago
I don't think they sold their soul, I think they want to make games as long as possible. While I'm not excited for Fuse, I also wasn't excited for OverStrike. If this is their new game so be it.
mt  +   582d ago
you know what, I just feel bad for Insomniac. I miss spyro as hell. I still wish we see new sequel or hey at least throw him in battle royal.
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DarthJay  +   581d ago
I was really looking forward to Overstrike. I thought it looked cool, it sounded cool and it would be just different enough to be interesting.

I am not looking forward to Fuse... yet. I don't know if I ever will. I am withholding full judgment until I see some video, but I am very disappointed with the turn of events.
baldulf  +   581d ago
Insomniac is about to be Biowared.
jaklink  +   581d ago
I am under the opinion that people are overreacting to the "news" that Insomniac somehow changed the game for superficial reasons. If you actually read the interviews, Ted Price stated that their original concept was not fun and was without a core that weaved everything together into a cohesive whole. This is simply an evolution of what they thought of before. Insomniac is a very talented developer, just have faith everyone.
Carl_Shocker  +   581d ago
...and you believe him, just like that.

Bioware has stated that EA has nothing to do with them and they are completely free when it comes to developing their games...after what happened to the ME franchise and DA2 do you really believe them?
jaklink  +   581d ago
Insomniac owns the IP and is an independent studio. Bioware does not own Mass Effect nor are they independent. This basically means they did this on their own accord, not EA's demands.
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Megaplaynate  +   581d ago

Actually, EA owns Bioware, but Bioware owns the Mass Effect ip. EA only has the publishing rights of mass effect 2 and 3.
lategamer  +   581d ago
Your comparing one company which is owned by EA, to a company that made a deal with EA to publish the game. Big difference.

So every time a developer states something are you just going to ignore him and believe what you want? "But but this developer lied so that one must be lieing too"
PirateThom  +   581d ago

EA owns BioWare, they are a wholly owned EA subsidiary and, thus, EA owns the Mass Effect IP.
Flatbattery  +   581d ago

EA own the publishing rights, I think you underestimate how much that means and what they can and can't demand.
MaxXAttaxX  +   581d ago
Whether or not the core gameplay changed a bit or not, has nothing to do with the game's character/weapons design and art direction.
Mucudadada  +   581d ago
Breadcrab  +   581d ago
Well, I can say that I'm underwhelmed by the new art direction. Overstrike had a certain charm and personality to its characters and settings that made it stand out.

Now, all the characters look incredibly bland, generic, and bland. It's like all the humor and personality was sucked out so Insomniac could make super-serious action game #482. In other words, I'm worried.
ninjabake  +   581d ago
Original trailer looked madd dope. Completely original and with a good sense of humor, now it looks like another also-ran shooter in a generation oversaturated with em.

It may be time for shooters to go the way of the 3d platformer and take a little hiatus so they can retool and come back better than before.

Just my 2 cents.
NonApplicable  +   581d ago
The only reason why anyone has taken a mild interest in Fuse is because Insomniac are the developers. Otherwise this game would have been forgotten before it showed its generic face. I don't want another shooter! ESPECIALLY from insomniac.
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frankiebeans  +   581d ago
i like the old TF2 cartoon looking girl better then the new realistic looking girl
GTRrocker666  +   581d ago
I never even heard of any of these two games...
NYC_Gamer  +   581d ago
Insomniac the company doesn't have it's own identity.Ted,is just confused on the direction he wants the studio to take.
MattS  +   581d ago
People who write headlines should understand the difference between "its" and "it's" and not use them incorrectly.
BigStef71  +   581d ago
The part of the article that got my attention the most was this:
"Now I do have some concerns and issues with what I’ve read and an issue that came to my mind once I was done reading all the articles. One of the articles made it clear that everything that was shown was done using a 360 controller. This isn’t a problem but according to Insomniac they wanted to start in on the 360 first since they know how to make PS3 games and they wanted both to perform as equally as possible. Whenever this type of stuff comes up it always raises concern for me and here’s why, they are working with a new engine designed for multiple platforms, this is their first title heading to the 360 and it’s their first title being published by EA. I’m really hoping that I’m reading too much into this but I have a nasty feeling that someone’s going to get an inferior port."
That's stupid why would they make the game lead platform on inferior hardware instead on a system they have been working for 6 years ? Hopefully each version is built on its own and not ported to one another. I assume insomniac will make the game using both systems advantages but in the end the ps3 version will probably be better
Roccetarius  +   581d ago
Fuse looks a lot less interesting than Overstrike did, so yes, they sold their soul.

It's a shame really, because i was interested in it too.
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Der_Kommandant  +   581d ago
Fuse looks so generic
ajax17  +   581d ago
Why in the hell did they go with EA!?! What's so bad about publishing through one of Take2's subsidiaries? Well, EA is still better than THQ I suppose...
kariyanine  +   581d ago
Probably because publishing through EA and the Partners program offers a better deal for them.
Jourdy288  +   581d ago
Nice article. Suddenly, I'm disappointed... I think Overstrike just lost a lot of its character.
Dirtnapstor  +   581d ago
I really can't say anything that's already been said...Overstrike looked so good, so much potential personality to the game, standing apart from every other shooter out there. Now this FUSE business... yes it looks really good and I'm sure it will be an incredible game, but it lost so much of it's original luster! Another run-of-the-mill shooter.
Borderlands revamped to cell shading at the last minute...Insomniac needs to be a LEADER and really rethink of reverting!
wiiu_peeu  +   581d ago
i love res 3 and still play mp even though some ppl say they dont like it. I enjoy the hell out of it.
andron666  +   581d ago
Well you can count on certain gamers to over react and make an issue out of anything, that's all I know for sure by this point...
aquamala  +   581d ago
Lol at "it's"
TheoreticalParticle  +   581d ago
I'm guessing since Insomniac couldn't have possibly sold "it is" soul, then the answer to the question posited is "absolutely not".
brew  +   581d ago
Not crazy about the style change , but I'm excited to see the new trailer (with gameplay) that james stevenson has been teasing.
mochachino  +   581d ago
PS3 fanboy logic:

"Insomniac are traitors for not being PS3 exclusive!!"

...never bought or played Resistance 1-3.

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