10 Video Games That Changed My Life

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"Most of the time, video games are purely for entertainment purposes, and don't really go very far beyond that. Once in a great while, though, a video game will come along that gets under your skin, into your blood, and won't let you go, for whatever reason. These are the games that did that for me. They're not the greatest games of all time, or necessarily my favorite games (although they are games that I've spent a lot of time playing). These are games that fundamentally altered my brain chemistry, changing the way I think: about games, having fun, and living life."

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VirusE3846d ago

Wow that is a perfect list. I agree with every choice he made. All of the games he listed are amazing games. Prime in my opinion is possibly the greatest game i have played and the music is amazing.

kewlkat0073846d ago

A small story about 1 game,

Back in mid 1990's, I was 14 or so. I met this Asian girl on "AOL" when I was an AOL junkie. She was studying music and played the Violin. She had this "webpage" online that she had created and at the time, myself was learning "HTML" myself. I'll never forget she had this song playing on her page..

The Chrono Trigger Time Circuits Song..I went on to buy this game, best RPG next to FFVII that I have played, but it also got me into Video Game Music and RPG OST's.

Now I'm a VG Music junkie.. and have a passion for RPG scores and other games. I started to listen to Game music in a different tune. That Chrono Trigger OST was great.

level 3603846d ago

* * * GranTurismo - certainly for me and to a lot of car freaks out there.

* * * Silent Hill - pushed the limits of "true" horror without the use of any ballistic weaponry.

3846d ago
PROGnosis3846d ago

i suck, i only played 2 of those games, those games just didn't seem to interest me, besides i didnt start gaming till middle school

some games i've grown attached to were:
-Gran Turismo
-Kingdom Hearts
-Crash or games by Naughty Dog

brocool3846d ago

The game that changed my life was Spryo The Dragon on the PS1, First game I completed without cheating as a kid, it made me realize that its so much more fun overcoming a challenge , rather than taking the easy way out.

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