Reading Into Capcom's Wii U Statement - Is Nintendo's New Console 'Next-Gen?'

Erik Kain:

In its annual report, Capcom made this statement:

“Although Nintendo will release the new game console Wii U and the market will be continue to be invigorated by the increase of DLC, time is required before the next generation console cycle begins in earnest.”

Damien McFerran at Nintendo Life writes:

“It would appear that the creator of Monster Hunter, Street Fighter and Resident Evil doesn’t see the Wii U as a true next gen platform – something that many other developers are likely to agree with, given the system’s technological parity with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.”

Actually, I doubt this is what Capcom means at all, whether or not they think it’s true.

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Freakazoid20122261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Saying time is required before the next gen CYCLE begins in earnest is not at all the same thing as saying Wii U is not a next gen console.

Glad someone actually got it because most journalist didnt seem to be able to comprehend what was said.

Shok2261d ago

As usual, the journalists like to spin what devs say in favor for a Nintendo-bashing title in order to get more hits lol. It's sad, really.

dark-hollow2261d ago

its really sad that people are so dense that we need articles clarifying another articles so they could understand it.

i thought capcoms statement was obvious.

DeadlyFire2261d ago


Time indeed is required before next gen games become great. That is pretty much a common practice for anything.

PopRocks3592261d ago

Well, the original comment was speaking primarily about DLC. Capcom must be expecting very minimal bandwidth restrictions on the upcoming 720 and PS4.

Given Microsoft's track record with Valve DLC, I wouldn't bet on that sort of wishful thinking. Sony's a different story though.

taquito2261d ago

compared to an 8 year old 360 or ps3, my iphone 4s is next gen, heck a google nexus is more powerful

Qrphe2261d ago

Nope, you're very wrong on the terms you're talking about.

hellvaguy2261d ago

On an 3.5" iphone screen, an xbox or ps3 could do resolutions of around 4k.

taquito2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )


that makes absolute zero sense

lol....ps3/360 cannot even do 720p most of the time on ANY screen

you do releize resolution has nothing to do with screen size?

if the ps3/360 image is on a 32" screen or an 85" screen, or a 4" screen, it still old, grubby, 720p or less

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Is it next gen compared to ps3? yes! more powerful than ps4? going by what devs say no..

Nintendo fans need to stop acting like they need high end graphics when they want zelda and mario and pokemon.

Why would a publisher who obviously have wiiU dev kits say it's not next gen? probably because it's not.

But that didn't stop wii from selling the most.

The majority of japan and the world would say 3ds > vita. Numbers > power.

Also why are console gamers so concerned with specs? I though console gamers didn't need to be concerned with it. I swear I have not heard until now so many console gamer say "cpu", "gpu", "ram", "spu's", "fps", "texture". Everyone sound like they need to be a pc gamer.

I had someone tell me ps3 has 8 cores. O_o

FlairSomewhere2261d ago

Logic would dictate that if Ps4 is (duh) next gen compared to the Ps3, and if the Wii U is next gen compared to the Ps3, then the Wii U & Ps4 are in the same console generation.
It's quantified. There are fixed generations, buddy.

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