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Sony Avoids PSP's Mistake By Encouraging Fewer Home Console Ports

Gamasutra- The main draw of the PSP, the big promise that was meant to separate it from Nintendo's portables and pull users away from the underpowered Nintendo DS, was that Sony's handheld could deliver console-like experiences on the go.

PSP's console-quality experiences, though, weren't enough to propel the system to the same heights as its competitors in the West -- so why hasn't Sony adjusted its strategy for its new portable, in light of PSP's past difficulties and PS Vita's current struggles? (PS Vita, PSP)

niteight  +   751d ago
"Follow what Activision is doing with Call of Duty." .............................. .......really?
XB1_PS4  +   751d ago
Apparently that's what sony wants! +1 for 360.
*Fist Pumps
Captain Tuttle  +   751d ago
"A lot of PS Vita's early catalog has so far been made up of console ports -- which may have contributed to the troubles Sony has faced with building momentum for the system so far -- but now the company is strongly recommending against and guiding publishers away from ports".

I don't think Sony knows what it wants the Vita to be. There's no clear vision for the device from them. It's too bad, really. Great potential.
Army_of_Darkness  +   751d ago
I truely hope they do this..
The big reason why I don't want a Vita is because it has the exact same games on it that my PS3 already has?! I'm not paying an additional $250 just to play the same games on the go(which I would barely do anyways). I want Vita games to be unique or built exclusively for that system, which I wouldnt be able to find anywhere else(aka Ports).
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ddurand1  +   751d ago
which is 100% true.

There have the be familiar games on the platform also, though.
Sithlord-Gamble  +   751d ago
I know what i want the vita to be ... a portable ps3.
Thats the whole reason i bought it, for a ps3 "experience" on the go.
BlackIceJoe  +   751d ago
I hope Sony will reevaluate this decision. Because I my self want more console games on my Vita. Because it is nice to be able to play games when I am out. Then when I get back home I can finish off where I left off.

I would love to see Borderlands 2 come out on the Vita this way I could put more time into it.

I also would enjoy seeing games like Elder Scrolls & Fallout come out for the system too.
For me I do not have as much time to play games at home as I did when I was a kid. So being able to play console games on the go is what I want.

Also I just got back a few weeks ago from vacation & it was nice to be able to sit by the beach. Plus be able to play the Vita at the same time. So when I was enjoying the cool breeze I could play with the Vita. But I could not do that with my PS3.

So I hope more console games & new IPs will come out on the Vita.
Xperia_ion  +   751d ago
People need to stfu about console ports being a bad thing, newsflash!!! Most people have jobs and commute. So having console games on the go is awesome.
Ult iMate  +   751d ago
And also those games are not ports - they are multiplatform games. A common trend for more than 5 years. Why can't Vita have multiplatform games any other plaform have. Also nothing is wrong whith being able to play PS3 games, when PS3 is not available. It is actualy pretty awesome as you said.
DivineAssault  +   751d ago
Good.. Thats what i wanted to hear
darx  +   751d ago
Sony has no clue on how to boost sales for this thing.
asyouburn  +   751d ago
As long as they do it like mgsHD. I absolutely love being able to wirelessly sync it with the console collection. Being able to swap between the tv and vita on the same save file is freakin revolutionary. I know it doesn't sound like much, but when I actually started using it, I wish more games had that feature
tubers  +   751d ago
I don't think ports is the exact problem here. "Meh" ports on the other hand..

Wondering when a really great port would come along. (with good save system/points since it's a portable game [Y's 7 comes to mind])

I thought UCGA was it but I've heard it wasn't as cinematic as it should have been.

I have decent hopes for ACR for the VITA.

CODBO VITA made me quite sad with just 4v4 MP.. iOS "variants" even have 12 man MP.

Just make some sorta RPG for the PS3 and VITA where you can farm and grind for a few minutes outside your house with the VITA.. and then do the meaty story and stage progression at home with your PS3.. Something like a Dark Souls game.. wonder if any dev has thought of that yet.
lonelygoner  +   750d ago
all they need is to support developers all the way in the game making process. lower the price on the memory cards, if you wanna do console ports absolutely make sure they make decent hd conversions and to fully utilize vitas touch capabilities.

sony cannot afford the same mistake they did with BO: Declassified. If i was quality assurance for Sony i wouldve failed that game first time i saw it. Nihilistic is a budget developer.

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