Madden NFL 08 : Super Bowl XLII Simulation

GameTrailers: EA Sports reigns supreme in predicting the winner of the NFL's biggest game over the past five years, but will they make it to 6-0?

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Rice3819d ago

This Sunday, Patriots vs The Giants... Patriots FTW.... 20-0 baby.

TheHater3819d ago

the can't be 20-0, there is only 19 games counting the superbowl. So they best they can go is 19-0. But I am not saying they will go 19-0 or saying that the aren't going 19-0.

Rice3819d ago

my bad, wat kind of patriot fan am i.. lol


imma giants fan and i kno there put up a good fight didnt anything body see the game they had during the season the giants was whooping ass for most of the game all they need to do is play how they where playing before but for the whole game

Rice3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

but there facing the patriots, the giants are a good team and i cant wait to see what eli manning has for tom brady and moss... but in order for the giants to play like that eli has step up his game but its gonna be hard cause patriots are a near perfect team.

Ahhhh3819d ago

Yea the Giants did good against the Patriots during the regular season game, but, the Giants returned a kickoff for a TD, and I Seriously doubt that the Pats will let that happen again.

big03819d ago

Well its a 60 minute game and the pats play the full 60. The giants better control the ball and keep the pats O on the bench because thats pretty much the only way to stop them. The giants have played great but they dont have the offensive fire power to have a shoot out with the pats.