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Battlefield 4 will ship between April 2013 and March 2014 - EA

EA is "aiming" to release Battlefield 4 between April 2013 and March 2014, it has confirmed. (Battlefield 4, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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zeal0us  +   878d ago
Something tell me this will got push back towards October/November time frame.
ddurand1  +   878d ago
which falls right in between the dates in the title.
zeeshan  +   878d ago
Isn't it too close to the last BF3 DLC? This is not cool! They should have worked on BFBC3. I don't see a need of a new Battlefield game so soon. What do you guys say?
RonXD  +   878d ago
Which just so happens to be right around the time the next CoD will be released. Obvious what EA is doing.
DeadlyFire  +   878d ago
Sounds more like where Bad Company 3 should have been released to me. Its nowhere near the Fall release of Call of Duty. I don't get EA's plan. Saying your not releasing a game every year, but releasing it every 1 year + 1 month away is not that different.
Rainstorm81  +   878d ago
Really 1 year and 1 month? They gave a very broad release range Apr 2013 - Mar 2014 is a long time and we all know it will end up releasing in the fall as usual.

Anyone that thinks the game will release in April of next year 6 months after Medal of Honor, is delusional
Rainstorm81  +   878d ago
Really A year and 1 month? They said Apr 2013- Mar 2014 which is a really broad timeframe. 9 times out of 10 it will release in Fall 2013 as usual barring any development issues that would push it to 2014.

Anyone that thinks BF4 will release in April, 6 months after Medal of Honor Warfighter, is delusional
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Disccordia  +   878d ago
Its because that period is their financial year so they are saying it'll be during that time. We all know it'll be October or November.
Ares84HU  +   878d ago
I don't understand people. If it comes out in 2013 it's 2 years apart from BF3...if it comes in 2014...that's three years apart.

What is wrong with that??? That's normal for a sequel.
Tvensky  +   878d ago
I buy'ed BF3 premium, and now it seems that I shouldn't, because BF4 is on the way and there will be no need for BF3 in the end!

I realy hope that Dice dosnt start to push out new game every year like COD series works..

EDIT. PS. they SHOULD at least release DLC faster then..
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geth1gh  +   878d ago
That's weird.

The beta is scheduled for fall 2013, yet we should expect the game as soon as April 2013??

megacowdung  +   878d ago
I was thinking the exact same thing. It's probably a typo.
chad22hkd  +   878d ago
With EA already admitting their new engine was built around getting ready for ps4 and xbox720.
This sounds like its going to be a next gen title!
Where the hell is respawn?
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solid_si  +   878d ago
Hahahah a new BF game every year...

Medal of Honour
Medal of HonouR

All are basicaly BF game with same engine, same graphics just different settings, weapons and features. No different than COD's.

DICE is a bitch of EA, just as infinityward is a bitch of Activi$ion
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DasTier  +   878d ago
Medal of Honour to Battlefield is basically Goldeneye Reloaded to Call of Duty, HaVing the same engine doesn't make it the same game. E.g. Call of duties use a modified Quake III engine.
StayStatic  +   878d ago
A PC Gamer's Perspective
At least Dice deliver solid PC ports that's all I care about , I resent playing with controller and I will not be forced into buying the console version just because Bobby Kotick made IW ruin MW2 by stripping it of all it's glory:

- Balanced Game Play
- Dedicate servers
- Field of view modifiable without legal hacks
- In Game Console Commands "/cg_fov"
- Cheaters could be banned with server control
- Punkbuster

Can't beleive Activsion had the audacity to take down AlterIWNet which fixed all the problems which Activsion caused.

Then Bob Kotick made all the talent leave to post launch and now we have MW3 which is even worse.

Just re-installed CoD 4 on the PC and it's awesome , alas Activsion are ass holes.

People will say EA is the worse and I respect there opinion because they have there bad moments , but from a PC gamers perspective that has played FPS for years, I have been burnt so many more times by Activsion on the PC.
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Ares84HU  +   878d ago
Medal of Honor is nothing like BF.
showtimefolks  +   877d ago
Battlefield 4 will launch 20-30 or so days before next COD with a huge advertisement budget
DaThreats  +   878d ago
No, more like October 2014
Next year belongs to Bad Company 3
BattleTorn  +   878d ago
You been living under a rock?

EA has already confirm that BF4 is to release proir to BFBC3.
WeskerChildReborned  +   878d ago
Not really a bad date, so i'm guessing the beta will be at the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014.
grahf  +   878d ago
Beta will be 1 month before the launch of the game, just like the BF3 beta.
310dodo  +   878d ago
Make BF4 June 2015

BC 3 November 2013
ChunkyLover53  +   878d ago
November 2013 confirmed then. I wonder if the next gen versions will release at the same time as current gen versions? It'd be a pretty sweet Xbox 720 launch title.
demetreHG  +   878d ago
There isn't any next Gen titles to release t'ill end 2014 early 2015( if that ) so please talk about current Gen
ChunkyLover53  +   878d ago
What in the world are you talking about? Microsoft has dev kits out right now, they have had them out for almost two years. Microsoft had everyone remove their 50+ page document that specified a 2013 Xbox 720 launch. 80% of their studios are working on next gen titles.

Of course next gen is coming next year, Nintendo's next gen console comes THIS YEAR.
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Rainstorm81  +   878d ago
Until a next gen console from MS and Sony is announced its all speculation, we barely have a release date for the Wii-U.

I doubt Sony and MS is planning to announce and release their next gen consoles in the same year, it only happened once with the Sega Saturn and we know how successful that console was
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   877d ago
My MS insider at my site is saying 2013 boys. Be ready. Oh, and remember this little tidbit, and remember where you heard this... but Perfect Dark will be a Durango launch title, and the new controller will have rumble on the analog sticks, and rumble on the trigger buttons, as well as a screen on the controller in the middle, that you can't tell is there when it's turned off.

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Abdou23  +   878d ago
It's going to be released on next-gen. consoles Q1 2014. I said it first.
Crazyglues  +   878d ago
Nope - http://bit.ly/OALyKY -sorry

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Abdou23  +   878d ago
People are delusional if they think Battlefield 4 is coming for current-gen console, it doesn't matter if some websited has it for pre-order on current-consoles.
Statix  +   877d ago

YOU'RE the one who is delusional if you think EA isn't going to release a port on the massive 120+ million install base of the current-generation consoles. Do you think EA doesn't like money?

BF4 will come out for current-gen consoles, with higher-fidelity ports for next-gen consoles shortly thereafter (possibly simultaneous).
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demetreHG  +   878d ago
Nope it isn't !
ThatHappyGamer  +   878d ago
BF4 will be released on current gen as well as Next gen.
Crazyglues  +   878d ago

Ok I know it's hard to have a valid conversation on N4g.com but let's try anyway..

Why do people think it's only coming to nex gen when nex gen won't even have a million consoles sold by the time the game comes out..

That would make really bad business sense. Plus there is already millions of PS3 gamer's who would buy your game in a heartbeat on current gen.

So Of course it's coming out on PS3 and Xbox 360

-Now maybe there will be a nex gen version that Looks like the PC version that can only run on nex gen consoles, but it's indeed coming to the current consoles.

I just don't see how EA/DICE would drop a beta on current gen and then make the actual game nex gen only..

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clearelite  +   878d ago
I'm still upset about the lack of BC3, however, I appreciate the fact that they aren't shooting for annual re-releases.
arabiensoldier  +   878d ago
I Feel like there giving us the range to hide when the new generation will launch I expect Holiday 2013
BattleTorn  +   878d ago

Or whether they'll next-gen version will launch in the new year (2014) shortly after the next-gen launch.
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Sucitta  +   878d ago
this is disgusting.. shame on you EA/Dice..
AngelicIceDiamond  +   878d ago
Interesting indeed still say its early. Or early for announcement at least.
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DeadlyFire  +   878d ago
Now if only they made bigger maps and bigger squads.
DasTier  +   878d ago
Why are people disagreeing with you? The only thing I'd add to what you said would be a higher console player count. With most 12 vs 12 games you have 70% of all players in vehicles which leaves you with basically only 2 squads actually playing the objective...

On Console at least, jets have ruined the flow of this game.
DeadlyFire  +   877d ago
Some people like CoD box arenas, and moderate sized maps. I like Battlefield 2/Bad Company 2 large scale maps.

I think consoles should get extra helicopter or two and no jets. Everyone on console jumps in a vehicle. Like OMG yes I can drive there. Its not that far really. I think there is only 1 BF 3 map with a semi-decent size.
Plagasx  +   878d ago
November 2013 is my guess...

Jeez, still would have wanted BC3 though....
Pieface08  +   878d ago
I'm not ready for BF4 yet...
ALLWRONG  +   878d ago
I'm with you it's as bad as CoD.

BF 1942
BF Heroes
ProGrasTiNation  +   878d ago
Don't worry arma 3 & planetside 2 will make you forget about bf for a while
younglj01  +   878d ago
Wow Battlefield 4 already thought they would atleast make Bad Company 3 before making another Battlefield series.Do this mean Medal of Honor and the Battlefield series are the focus now?

I was really looking forward too Bad Company 3 since I was personally letdown by Battlefield 3.
taquito  +   878d ago
why are people wanting bad company at all??

its the red headed step child of bf games (sorry gingers) It has to be the absolute worst bf game besides modern combat or whatever garbage port the made way back in the day....or (shudder) that free to play bfheroes....... what i played of the first bfbc on 360 LONG ago it was a steaming turd, might has well have been modern combat.

the best bf game BY FAR is BF2, followed by BF3, then BF2142, then the old classics, vietnam and 1942

I was hoping for BF2143, but BF4 is awesome sauce!!

Bad company had crappy tiny maps and only 12v12 or 16v16

i'll take 32v32 anyday

many servers are doing 40v40, which is perfect for some of the really large maps, the 64v64 servers are kind of pushing it for the current maps

I cannot wait for bf4, hopefully they do some HUGE maps that allow for true playability with 64v64 players, because those games are fun times:)
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blackhammer  +   878d ago
Putting 1942 behind 2142 and even BF3? :|
Oh_Yeah  +   878d ago
bad company has better destruction and the better story..characters have an actual personality. what is it that bf3 has over it? because when i was playing it, honestly felt like a more polished version of cod.
blackhammer  +   878d ago
DICE has always sucked in a big way, but this is rock bottom, in my opinion.
RockmanII7  +   878d ago
Uh, no shit? Here, I guarantee it will launch some time between October 1st and December 1st 2013, make that a news story.
BludoTheSmelly  +   878d ago
i doubt it'll be enough of a change to warrant the purchase
jocomat9  +   878d ago
will not be getting unless i get it on ps4. BF3 sucked in my opinion. They never fixed the major input lag for me so all it did was piss me off along with lots of other annoying little things they did.

*Just cause im curious, if you still suffer from input lag hit like on this comment. If not hit dislike. * thanks
suc915  +   877d ago
buy a new tv. i have no input lag. my brother also had input lag on his new 3d tv which made it unplayable after dices so called fixes...anyways he bought another tv like mine and no input lag wut so ever.
jocomat9  +   877d ago
i have 4 hd tvs here and on 3 of them there is input lag. Haven't tried the last one but why would i spend money on a another tv just cause one game (BF3) has lag. No. srry. Dice admitted it was a problem on there part. btw there was no input lag in the open beta for bf3. SO they messed up Big time. Glad you are good though. God bless
Statix  +   877d ago
There is still some input lag, but it's been reduced significantly after the last patch. It's far from optimal, and still laggier than the 360 version, but it's perfectly playable.

Fyi, I use a CRT TV with ZERO input lag. Thus, it's not the fault of my TV.
Diffraction_Fos  +   878d ago
Yep. Welcome the new Activision. Battlefield 5 to ship between April 2014 to March 2015.
swishersweets20031  +   878d ago
I'm not getting it unless its next gen tittle. I have bf3 and all the DLC coming. Poor planning on them. They should of took a note from rockstar and kept a title going for a while and then put out a sequel. There is no need for another one. I cant imagine the game being any leap and bound over bf3, it probably be bf3.2 kinda how the battlelog fags and nerf squad turned bf3 into bc2.5. Lately their servers are laggier then ever since they "updated their servers" and the sound cutout on danavan peak is getting old.
Parasyte  +   878d ago
It is not just on Davamand Peak. I've had the sound cut out on Caspian Border, Kharg Island, and Op Metro.
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spektical  +   878d ago
i just want some fully destructible environments.. its wat made bad company 2 so much fun... hoping theres BC2 DLC
Biozerker  +   878d ago
Good job EA, might as well finish the job and ruin every franchise you own.
yeahokchief  +   878d ago
They should aim for the garbage or the bargain bin instead.

Battlefield is trash. BFBC2 was the last quality game Dice made and the last one they'll get my money for. Hope they do with Dice what they've done with every other developer they've ruined.
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PAYNEinc85  +   878d ago
On current consoles it will look just like BF3 but with brighter more vivid colors. We desperately need new consoles.
bobshi  +   878d ago
What? I had no idea the current consoles have ran out of colours.
urwifeminder  +   878d ago
No dice EA.
Straightupbeastly  +   878d ago
Battlefirld 3 is bad company 3, lol at people thinking bad company 3 will be any different
jaymart2k  +   877d ago
Xbox 720
Rhezin  +   877d ago
No its different and it's the game I wanted instead of another damn battlefield game.
iBigdog500  +   877d ago
Well Battlefield 4 beta comes out fall of 2013, you cant release a game before then. The game is not coming out before fall of 2013 get your facts straight
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