Steam on Linux

Valve has dropped a bombshell on the gaming community tonight. Steam for Linux is an official, and active Valve project...

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geth1gh2225d ago


shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2225d ago

If anyone can influence devs to make linux versions of games it's Valve and steam! This is perfect time since a new generation of games is around the corner.

sorceror1712225d ago

This is a very good thing. It's annoying to have to reboot to play PC games.

egidem2225d ago

Fully agree.

I use Windows 7 for pretty much playing games as I have loads of them on Steam.

I use Fedora/Ubuntu for the rest, mostly programming and studying.

mcstorm2225d ago

Sounds good but how many linux owners are pc gamers?

chasegarcia2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

I think the better question would be:

How many Windows/Mac users will switch over to Ubuntu for gaming?

answer: Time will tell.

mcstorm2225d ago

That's true but I don't see many doing that I don't think Linux will ever be big enough to be a big name in the PC space. Its not because I don't like it as I run all 3 os's due to my job but IMO Windows is the simple OS to use and Linux is not as simple to use as the other two and is lacking some of the common software but time will tell.

Qrphe2225d ago

We've been waiting for Steam for years. This should certainly increase deveooper supdort for Linux since we rarepy get anything. It's inconvenient having to switch Windows JUST to play a game when I rarely use it for anything else.

JOHN_DOH2225d ago

It's cool that you don't have to rebuy games thanks to steamplay. I think this is just for ubuntu right now.