Just How Different Are 3DS and PS Vita Graphics? Time Travel and Find Out.

Forget the Final Fantasy-esque logo, upcoming adventure game Time Travelers is a rare beast. The game is coming to the Nintendo 3DS, the PlayStation Vita, and the PSP. That's a buncha handheld platforms!

Recently, a pair of screens for the PS Vita and 3DS versions of Time Travelers popped up online. Unfortunately, a screen for the PSP version did not rear its head, but the PS Vita and 3DS snaps do allow us to compare Sony's and Nintendo's current gen handhelds.

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Darth Stewie2226d ago

It looks like the developers have alot more work because both the 3DS and Vita have better looking games than this.

klecser2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Yeah, I think you're right. It doesn't look that great for either system.

The article is kinda a troll article anyway. The Vita is obviously capable of better graphics. This isn't about who has better graphics. Gamers who buy a 3DS aren't looking for the best graphics. They're looking for IPs they like.

Army_of_Darkness2226d ago

My goodness, the 3DS version looks like shit compared to the vita.
Talk about making the 3DS look bad lol!

ABizzel12225d ago


I know, and Kotaku tried to make it seem like there wasn't that big of a difference between the 3DS and Vita.

The Vita version actually looks like decent, the 3DS version is a jaggy mess and the color on the Vita blows the 3DS screen away.

This goes to show the 3DS may be capable of running a PSVita game, but it's going to be like comparing a PC game on it's lowest settings to one on Ultra settings.


TruthbeTold2225d ago

No kidding klecser, obviously beautiful visuals weren't the priority of the developer here. Of course the Vita is more powerful than the 3DS, but the Vita version of this particular game can't even stand near say for instance Resident Evil 3DS. Both hand helds are on a much higher level graphically than this game displays on their behalf.

Unexpecta2225d ago

@TruthbeTold Why the hell are you bringing up Resident Evil Revelations? This is a comparison between the PSV and 3DS version of Time Travel, which where we can clearly see the winner. Now that you brought it up, if Revelations was on the PSV, then obviously it would be over 9000 times better than the 3DS version.

Muffins12232225d ago

Yea...but i have yet to see a game that is both on 3ds and psp vita to compare until now :D

TruthbeTold2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )


Because the graphics for this game are being brought up in order to try and show a difference in capability, while the game in question isn't anywhere near truly representative of either. Is it that hard to understand or are you just being a douche?

By the way, nothing on Vita looks even 5 x better than Revelations, let alone 9000. Grow up.

Unexpecta2225d ago

@TruthbeTold Yeah 3DS can have a little kick from seeing Revelations, but Time Travel also shows the limits and boundaries the 3DS has. Even if Time Travel 3DS isn't as complicated as Revelations, atleast do your best and try to pump out all the power the device is capable of. What's worse for the 3DS is that beast handhelds like the PSV are getting ports where the games look much more satisfying compared to the 3DS experience.

"By the way, nothing on Vita looks even 5 x better than Revelations, let alone 9000. Grow up." You've obviously never held a Vita in your hands, because then you would know that there are many games that blow the roof out of Revelations and future 3DS games. Lemme list the heavy weight contenders which pack heat and a punch that will leave 3DS owners knocked out: Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Virtua Tennis 4. All three games give console games a run for their money, they look astounding and amazing on the PSVita and they truly are a console experience on the go.

Wait so are you saying I should "grow up" to see the truth? Because clearly you haven't. The PSVita will always be over 9000 times better than the 3DS.

TruthbeTold2225d ago Show
ShinMaster2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )


Besides, this game was designed with the 3DS and PSP in mind.
So the PS Vita can do much better than that. Actually, I've seen better looking games on both 3DS and Vita.

However, I find these comparisons pointless. We already know the answer before the question is raised when it comes to these things. And it's flamebait.

deep_fried_bum_cake2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )


What the hell is wrong with you?

On topic
I'm surprised with the difference, I thought they were closer than that. Though you can't just use one game to form an opinion.

I now see that buddymagoo has provided more, the difference is quite large.

pixelsword2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago ) +

Story quality?

Like this website?


Looking at the three games compared (this screenshot [didn't go to the site], fifa and the racing game presented by buddymagoo) the Vita is overall quite a bit superior in terms of graphical quality and effects.

pixelsword2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

This comment was cancelled due to the weather.

Hisiru2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

You can have a MUCH better looking vita game (just take a look at games like Golden Abyss) and you also could have something better on the 3DS (RE: Revelations) but this game is all about the story, so I think it will be really good on both systems.

Probably better on vita because it has better touch screen controls and a better screen, I don't thin 3D effects will have a huge impact on this game, maybe I am wrong. But it will be good on both devices.

The good thing is that we have 2 chances for localization.

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TheTwelve2225d ago

And yet the 3DS version will sell way more than the Vita version. That's this gen in a nutshell. ---12

topekomsi2225d ago

Pointless statement, but good for you.....

jony_dols2225d ago

I wasn't aware that old grannies & toddlers bought Level-5's games?

ShinMaster2225d ago

Unfortunately in this gen, quality means little.

Imalwaysright2225d ago

If you want quality then why are you stuck with current gen consoles? Just get a gaming PC. Hypocrisy at its finest!

TheTwelve2225d ago

I'm not happy about it, but ya'll seriously trippin' if you think the Vita version will outsell the 3DS one. C'mon guys. Hopefully a time will come when the best hardware gets the best sales.


ShinMaster2225d ago

Except the difference between PS3/360 and PC, isn't as big as 3DS and Vita.

One of my favorite games this gen is RDR, not found on PC, as well as several first-party games not found on PC.

jessupj2225d ago

I'm appalled you got 3 disagree for saying...

"Hopefully a time will come when the best hardware gets the best sales. "

I didn't think casuals could be such fanboys.

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killerhog2225d ago

I really hate katoku

"Yes, the PS Vita version looks better. That's not interesting.".


"The 3DS version has a more jaggies, sure, but the gap isn't nearly as big as it was during the last handheld generation between the PSP and the DS.".

Yeah I guess he must've forgot to meantion that the vita version also has better lighting, detail, etc..

Ult iMate2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

I think they will soon compare the PSP version of Final Fantasy 3 from DS and say that the gap between PSP an DS is not so big, lol.
And also they as always tend to forget to compare level of detail in Uncharted GA, Gravity Rush or Unit 13 with any 3DS game. Or better Mod Nation Racers Road Trip with Mario Kart 3DS.
Actualy, as far as I played on 3DS, the polygon count in 3DS games is very close to that on PSP.

Ult iMate2225d ago

I think that is because the game is also announced for PSP.

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MasterCornholio2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

I've seen better looking games on the 3DS and the Vita.

However with this title the 3DS version looks horrible due to the lower resolution textures, inferior lighting and worse aliasing. That said I'm pretty sure that the Vita will end up running better as well.


clearelite2225d ago

Exactly and not that i'm overly concerned with graphics but,
"Vita and 3DS snaps do allow us to compare Sony's and Nintendo's current gen handhelds."
Is not exactly true.

ooquis2226d ago

lets face it....the 3DS is not in the same league as the Vita. We saw proof of this with Rayman,Mgs3 and legobatman 2.

HammadTheBeast2225d ago

Different audiences. Pick the system you prefer.

topekomsi2225d ago

Thats right and i'm glad i can finally be a graphics whore on-the-go!

joeorc2226d ago

in one game is not that much does not mean squat:

"The 3DS version has a more jaggies, sure, but the gap isn't nearly as big as it was during the last handheld generation between the PSP and the DS."

there is no freaking point of even trying to bring this up, the Nintendo 3DS is a fine system, but what it is capable of in graphic's and what PSVita is capable of is on a whole other level.

the GPU's are not even freaking close, Hell they are so far apart it is not even funny.

just in VR ram alone:

the Nintendo 3DS has 6 MB of Dedicated VRram

the PSVita has 128 MB of Dedicated VRram

full spec's on the 3DS GPU

3DS & 3DS XL:PICA-200 GPU approx 15.3 million polys/sec

full spec's for the SGX

SGX543MP4+ GPU more than 133 million polys/sec *

on board system ram:

Nintendo 3DS has 2x64MB Fujitsu MB82M8080-07L

the PSita has 512 MB of system ram

Clap..clap..clap congratz you found a Developer that did not even really use very much of the PSVita's hardware!

DigitalAnalog2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Unbelievable. To think that the 3DS is only marginally cheaper than the VITA and to sell it with such atrocious specs. I wonder why people don't ask the 3DS to further drop $100 more at price considering it's still bloody overpriced for it's specs.

yabhero2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

169 3ds 199 3ds xl
to 249 for the cheapest vita... And even with that Sony is selling at a loss...
100 bucks less would be 70 bucks and the 3ds cost a 100 to make.

one2thr2225d ago

How is Sony selling the vita at a lose when it cost about $180 to make one?

Ult iMate2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

I think the price of a console is more than price of it's parts.
But I really wish Sony could make a pricecut for PSV to boost the sales and increase the install base (I already have a PSV, but I wish it has more and more of install base to get bigger 3rd party support). As for now they make decent price cuts for PSV games.

metroid322225d ago

Wrong 3DS has 2x picca 200 which runs at 400mhz max and does 15 million polygons per 100mhz this is official specs m8 its got stronger graphics as it has 2 of these.

Meastro 2G supports Tesselation/and DX9 comparable shaders.

GOOGLE EVERYTHING its official specs guys. picca 3DS patent showed me this ages ago.

Unexpecta2225d ago

Who cares if the 3DS has 2x Pica's? It's still no where near the capability and power of the PSV. Even the iPhone 4S has more power than the 3DS, when it's not even a dedicated handheld!

topekomsi2225d ago

Wow makes me wanna run out and buy a 3DS.

HammadTheBeast2225d ago

You should write /s after your comment so people will understand the sarcasm.

TheTwelve2225d ago

As little effort as possible to yield the most money, that's the way of developers these days I'm afraid! ---12

Ulf2225d ago

You are completely correct, Joe.

This Kotaku article is a farce, looking to justify their anti-Sony agenda, basically. No respectable journalist could even begin to believe the 3DS was close to the Vita, in terms of graphics.

Well, I suppose its also possible that the folks at Kotaku are just *that* dumb, as well.

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