Valve: "If Origin can make millions happy too, awesome"

GI - The day after announcing Valve's new indie gaming initiative Greenlight, Jason Holtman, the company's director of business development, took time out of his recent DotA addiction to explain more about the new scheme and to address some of the issues facing Valve.

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NYC_Gamer2168d ago

Valve is still humble even after all the EA trash talk

-Mezzo-2168d ago


That's the awesomeness of Valve.

Yi-Long2168d ago

VALVE has been great and earned out trust and respect.

EA has screwed us over, time and time again, and they earned our DISTRUST!

WeskerChildReborned2168d ago

I guess Valve is just awesome like that.

aviator1892168d ago

Valve is awesome and this statement solidifies their greatness even more.

awi59512168d ago

Ill never trust server closing EA. They screwed me so many times in the past. This years madden sucks we will shut down all the servers from 2 years ago and make them play this new one thats worse than the last one.

WeskerChildReborned2168d ago

Yea that would be frustrating if your favorite game's server were to shut down.

Breadcrab2168d ago

You give them too much credit, Valve.

Awesome-Xanto2168d ago

I have to admit, nice to see someone from Valve saying that retail isn't going to die, and single players isn't going to die. Looks like someone understands that not every game needs to have multiplayer or be F2P.

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