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Microsoft applies for scalable console patent

A recent patent filing suggests that Microsoft's next console is based on the idea that it can be scaled up - or down - over time, leading to speculation that the current notion of a console lifecycle could be replaced with rolling hardware upgrades. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Tech)

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KMCROC54  +   1112d ago
Bring it on.
majiebeast  +   1112d ago
So it would become a pc but with a lot less freedom and functionality.
ArmrdChaos  +   1111d ago
Basically a PC without the driver headaches.
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creatchee  +   1111d ago
If I wanted to game on a PC, I'd buy a gaming PC. We all know how the Sega 32X turned out.
JBSleek  +   1111d ago
I'm not understanding your comment as this doesn't mean this is a PC.

What I got from the article is multiple CPU and GPU that each will be used for certain purposes of the system. They are giving themselves options.
Anon1974  +   1111d ago
I agree with creatchee. The whole point of consoles is so developers and consumers don't have to worry about the hassle of different hardware setups. We already saw confusion this gen when people would buy a 360 Arcade, only to find they couldn't go online or couldn't play certain games, buy DLC without a costly upgrade.

I really think cloud gaming is the answer - although not for some time. Game consoles will become like your cable box breaking the cycle of long, expensive hardware development and risk associated with it. Instead the companies can upgrade through their own servers and systems as technology advances, and simply charge a subscription fee to access their particular network. Then we'll see competition through various network offerings/games available. We're already seeing Microsoft move towards subscription based services, and Sony's experiment with premium content via PSN+ seems to be going well.

Think about it. Piracy, gone. Distribution, not an issue. Packaging, not an issue. Steady revenue streams through predictable subscriptions. Costly hardware cycles, gone. And gamers can switch games like they switch channels, offering more variety than ever before. I know some argue "But I need a physical copy," yet the same thing is never said about watching TV shows, or renting movies, or of music downloads, or digital movie rentals. I'm sure they will still offer physical downloads because there's a market for it, but I don't think that'll stop this evolution.

This isn't going to happen this gen or next, but after that I think all bets are off and I'm looking forward to it.
dcbronco  +   1111d ago
Actually if you look at the whole document it kinda sounds like they may allow OEMs to make their own versions. It kinda sounds like they want to install Xbox directly into other devices. Not just streaming to other devices.
jerethdagryphon  +   1106d ago
ive seen the file its referencing the idea that its streamable and xbox 720 functionality will be 'beamable' to other screens

spec wise its gonna be intersting it liss 4gb and a crapton of arm cores

oh and kinect 2 is going to be majorly involved in it :(
Telepot  +   1111d ago
It has it's ups and downs. You would buy it because it's cheaper than a gaming pc, but then you have to pay for live and some games may need hardware upgrades.
Fyflin  +   1111d ago
This makes sense. Xbox Live is a platform, the current 360 is merely a way to access content. Look at how iPhones/iPads currently work.

I wouldn't be surprised if we see upgraded hardware every couple of years. Not massive overhauls, but bigger HDDs, faster processors, more memory etc. All games will be compatible with all hardware to begin with, but eventually we will see different display settings, as seen in Pcs, to suit whatever hardware you have.

Sounds very much like a PC to me, personally.
kneon  +   1111d ago
I've been saying for a while that there is no reason that the next gen consoles couldn't be PCs. PC components are now cheap enough that you could make a reasonably priced console from PC parts.

Microsoft can sell their XBox branded, living room friendly version or you can run the games on any windows 8 PC.
hellvaguy  +   1111d ago
A console cant nor shouldnt be a gaming PC. I dont want the headache of dealing with viruses, spam, pop-ups, hacks, cheaters, and incompatible hardware.
kneon  +   1111d ago
The console version wouldn't have such problem as it would be a fixed set of components. From the users perspective it would still be a console, it's just that the internals use PC components. If hardware upgrades would be allowed it would support only a small set of vendor approved upgrades so incompatibility wouldn't be a problem.

As for viruses that is also easy to resolve, the OS would be locked down and not allow installation of software that isn't authorized by the console vendor.

A console isn't defined by the kind of hardware that goes inside.
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Tyre  +   1111d ago
Most awesome news ever, Bring it plz!!!!
richierich  +   1111d ago
Im not too keen on the idea of upgrading my console a few years down the line. Does this mean that when big budget games get released that require a lot of horsepower we have to upgrade to play and those that upgrade dont have to stick to playing older games. I just cant see this happening
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shackdaddy  +   1111d ago
I already have a PC that I upgrade so pass...

I think people that dont pay attention to these types of things will be pissed too. Imagine buying a game that you really want only to find out you need an expensive upgrade to play it. That, coupled with the expense of xbl is too much for me...
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Somebody  +   1111d ago
So it's finally out in the open.

Almost zero support for the PC ever since the X Box went online. Tearing apart some of PC gaming's major studios. The empty promises in every E3 to support the PC but were never fulfilled-except for 2012's E3 where MS doesn't say anything about the PC, now we know why. The integration of GFWL and X Box LIVE into the Windows 8 platform. Releasing Kinect with pretty good voice chat and then buying Skype. The emphasis of mobile and touch capabilities/compatibilities in Windows 8 (Starting with the Start button)...then, Smart glass followed by Surface, which I assume to replace the keyboard capabilities that Kinect couldn't handle, i.e. typing stuff while Kinect's gesture tracking replaces the mouse - just perfect for using Internet Explorer on the HDTV running from the X Box!

And the final piece of the puzzle : scalable console. Just don't call it a PC (Apple products are not called PCs and look how successful they are).

Feels like watching a Bond movie where the villain's plans are coming into place-that take a decade to finish.
stuna1  +   1111d ago
Can't wait the responses to this one! Aready heard those saying it wasn't practical or feasible, I guess Microsoft haven't heard that arguement yet.

A very interesting concept if true, it would also add some validity to the recent nextbox latest rumored specs.

So in all cases and purposes it would do away with the need to purchase new hardware after the start of next gen, because the software side of thing would be up-gradable on Microsoft front.

It also sheds a little light on what Hip Hop Gamer was touching on his video post a couple of days ago.
He said that Sony has plans to go a similar route next generation. I think this coming console generation is going to be a lot different than many of us envisioned it to be! And could possibly be the last one as far as how we have come to define as being a "Console"!....
Nodoze  +   1111d ago
This would destroy the one advantage of console gaming...closed and specific hardware. Today developers can create an experience that is identical for ALL of a given consoles audience. Granted there are restrictions, but they can get creative and this forces optimization for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

If MS introduces the modular concept it will be employed to sell more hardware. Gears 29 optimized and developed for 4 tandem consoles (it will run on 1, but not very well).

This is the same as PC gaming. PC gaming experiences are vastly different based upon the multitude of possible hardware configurations. For those with the $$ and the latest and greatest it is pure Nirvana. For those without the games are playable but not optimum.

I would also think this would make development more difficult.
RevXM  +   1110d ago
I agree with some of your points.

Id rather have more frequent console releases (New gen of consoles) than uppgradable console myself.

Uppgradable console would probably make lot of confusion, clutter, a divided fanbase and other things.

So I wouldnt be much tempted by such a system.
Surely they can make add-ons, but performance uppgrades doesnt seem like a good idea to me.
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Tyre  +   1111d ago
Bunch of old fashion thinkers in here(the comments)...this means games will be scalable including the old ones and this leaked info ties in with the rumors about the X engine (2 years ago) that MS supposedly introduced to be the basis scalable engine underneath all Xbox 360 games made after 2009....imagine giving 360 games extra memory and a HD texture package patch on the Next-Gen...boom brand new shining Xbox 360 game on the Next Xbox. No HD remakes needed, it is already build on the X engine to be scalable and take advantage when extra memory is present. Attention people! Also with the nextgen games it will be it ur own optional choice to buy more memory cause the games will already run out of the box on the Next Xbox, but gamers can now buy the optional extra memory or GPU to make the game run with the highest settings. More options for everybody and build to last a long time no new console needed if hardware customisation and scalable engines are involved. Brilliant! everybody will get what they want...Core gamers will go for the graphics heavy hardware options and casuals will get the Xbox with their choices. Options Baby! The best of All the worlds! Nothing will be forced...Xbox will truly dominate All.
TheSaint  +   1111d ago
Lol, Microsoft love their money. They will release 'upgrades' probably once a year and you won't be able to play the most recent AAA titles without them.

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