Final Fantasy VII and The Language of JRPGs

TGC writes: Playing a JRPG (or a number of any style of RPGs) can be a strange experience when you step back and look at it in context with reality. These are fantasy worlds, so by strange I don’t mean the inclusion of the fantastical elements; the magical powers, bizarre looking characters and dragons. On a much more mundane level, the way everyone in the world appears is odd. The lives of the citizens of Final Fantasy VII appear to do little more than stand in one spot, and repeat the same lines whenever approached by the stories hero (aka you).

There are simple reasons for this and why it shouldn’t be a problem. The world is – as stated – a world of fantasy and therefore certain liberties can be taken with realism, and technological limitations mean that the many mostly insignificant inhabitants are restricted to only the most basic existence. As technology increases so does the scope of what is possible, but many of the traits of JRPGs are becoming considered outdated, such as turn based and random battles, is something of the spirit of these games being changed? Perhaps the limitations of the past helped create a unique language for the JRPG that is a part of their quality.

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