Final Fantasy VII Belongs On iOS And Android

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Final Fantasy VII is the most popular entry in the celebrated Square Enix franchise for reasons that go beyond the game simply being enjoyable. Its characters and music have endured for more than 10 years, while its full motion video cut scenes represented a breakthrough in virtual storytelling, circa 1997.

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zeal0us2201d ago

Already on Android technically. All you have to do is download a PS1 emulator, find the ff7 rom and woolah.

I wouldn't recommend trying this on a low-end android device.

Hicken2201d ago

This guy...

I could understand if he said he WANTED VII on these devices. But to say it BELONGS there...

Well, no sense worrying. I already disregard everything he says, anyway. Even Pacther makes more sense than Buffa.

Summons752201d ago

As much as I dislike FF7 no game deserves to be humiliated by being on cellphones

Chrono2201d ago

On Android, there's FPse.

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