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Mastarace1423d ago

ALTTP & OOT are landmark games.

WeskerChildReborned1423d ago

I loved Ocarina of Time on the N64. i think it was my favorite game after Pokemon Stadium.

AznGaara1423d ago

I think Nintendo should do what they did with Mario and are now doing with Kirby and do a compilation of all the classic and Gameboy Zelda games on disc.

I wasn't fortunate enough of play the Oracle series and I would like a chance to play them.

--Onilink--1423d ago

Im sure they will eventually release them for the 3DS VC

Patriots_Pride1423d ago

Good read - 25 years of Zelda and i played all of them EXCEPT FOR THE CDi Zelda : )

Life is good

dark-hollow1423d ago

"except Zelda CDi"

you're missing the cream of the crop!

Technical World1423d ago

ALL of these need to go onto the Virtual Console so I can play the ones I missed. :)

--Onilink--1423d ago

Only oracle games are missing. The rest are on 3DS or Wii VC

Well minish cap is for ambassadors, but even those games are starting to come out so anyonr can purchase them

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