How To Use a PlayStation 3 Controller As A PC Gamepad

The legendary Steam Summer Sale is coming soon. Prepare yourself by setting up your favorite PS3 controller as a PC gamepad by following these quick and easy steps!

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dc12041d ago

This is how I play my PC games through Steam.
Highly recommend it!!

killcycle2040d ago

i've been doing this for 4 years.
How is this news!?

dc12040d ago

So have I.
However, as you may know; There are always newcomers. In fact, Motionjoy was around a year or two before I jumped on.

Miller lite and Budweiser still advertise ... because if they didn't there respective products would fade.

This is a good thing.

ThanatosDMC2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Yup, really old. The only thing people need to fix is to switch the shoulder buttons. I played Fallout New Vegas and some other games with MotionJoy years ago.

Hatmantc2040d ago

I'm thankful that this was posted so I don't have to go out and search for this info.. Wanted to play dcuo on my laptop since my PS3 ylod on me

ItsMeAgain2040d ago

Don't be mean, mate. You know there are ppl who aren't everyday experimenting like you and me. Maybe this could give them a hint or hopefully just do the job for them.

llMurcielagoll2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

It may not be news to you... But it is to me, I had a feeling that its doable, however never thought of investigating the matter lol. Gonna read this article and find out how.

gedapeleda2040d ago

Me to but motion joy was a real joy when I found it, basicaly because you can turn xbox 360 emulation, so no need for setting up controlls for games.

Vettur2040d ago

It's not. It's an article ;)

Montrealien2040d ago

I just plug in my wired xbox controller, no need to config and most games are already mapped for it. That being said, if all you have is a PS3, this is a great guide.

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NiKK_4192040d ago

Yep. I've been using it for emulators for years now. I haven't played many PC games with it, though. The only ones I can think of are Skyrim, Arkham Asylum/City, and Lego Batman with my girlfriend.

topgun332040d ago

Have you tried using your ps3 controller for SWTOR? I have the game, but I tried with the mouse and keyboard but have failed miserably. I am not used to playing computer games. I am also hoping that one day they will make this ftp.

Snookies122041d ago

Oh yeah, Motionjoy... I use this all the time for emulators and PC games. Works like a charm!

SuperLupe2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

i remember trying motionjoy a couple of times, never worked.

TXIDarkAvenger2041d ago

I tried it with left 4 Dead, one of the joysticks didn't work. However the Xbox controller works right away like a charm.

iXenon2041d ago

I was actually using MotionJoy this morning. It's a little tricky, but it works perfectly fine

Solid_Snake372041d ago

make sure to set it to Xbox 360 controller emulator

Autodidactdystopia2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Motionjoy is not recommended for Retards or for those under the age of 5.

side effects may include: non functional software, uncontrollable games, confusion.

motionjoy works fine. lol :)

edit: meaning... if you're retarded,- you will have problems.

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tee_bag2422040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Lol - I been using this an Emulating Wii. Its pretty funny playing 2 Player New Super Mario Bros with a xbox 360 and PS3 pad. Ain't no one gonna call me fan boy!

Kurylo3d2041d ago

i just plug up a 360 controller via usb.. just works automatically.

jsslifelike2041d ago

The wireless USB dongle is soooo much nicer. I just love it together with a kickass HTPC on a 47" monitor. Yummy.

trancefreak2040d ago

I have the new PC usb usb dongle black xbox controller. Works great for non fps games for me.

Snookies122040d ago

Yeah, but to those who don't have a 360 controller, this is an awesome solution. I could have gone out and bought one, but this saved me around 35 bucks when I discovered I could just use my PS3 controller.

allyc4t2041d ago

How to use a USB Xbox 360 gamepad on a PC: Just plug it in.

MetalProxy2041d ago

Wow thats amazing!!!! To bad I dont like the 360 gamepad. So I will follow some quick and easy steps to use the gamepad I prefer.

allyc4t2041d ago

I have to agree with you. It's pretty awesome. Although I'd never use a gamepad over the good old keyboard and mouse unless I was playing a racing game.



That's not what he said, but nice spin, goes well with your avatar.

WitWolfy2040d ago

OR download and use Xpadder. Also a excellent program.

Smashbro292040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

And put up with THAT dpad? Hell no.

Use motioninjoy in 360 mode. Best of both worlds!

Hellsvacancy2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

I tried using this to play Half Life 2, but i could figure out how to use the analog sticks, such a noob i know, but if someone helps me, i wont be

Would a PS3 controller work with StarCraft 2?

Edit: I knew i was gonna get that, i plug my laptop into my awesome tv to play SC2, i then use a wireless mouse (it isnt the greatest)

I cant be bothered to buy a keyboard just to play one game, you dont even need a keyboard to play SC2 its the only game i play on my pc (laptop)

Mythicninja2041d ago

You can't be serious- using an analog stick to play an RTS? You'll be crushed. Mouse + keyboard is the only way for that genre

MAJ0R2041d ago

Gamepad + StarCraft 2?


STONEY42040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

"you dont even need a keyboard to play SC2"


Anyways, in Motionjoy/DS3 Tool, you have to set it to "Xbox 360 controller emulator" for the analogue sticks to work. The "Playstation 3" mode, by default, has analogue sticks turned off. Although you can change that, it's better to stick with 360 mode since it has better compatibility with games.

I also suggest you calibrate the analogue sticks and triggers by first enabling the driver, going to Devices and Printers, right click Playstation 3 Controller and click Game Controller Settings.

Bloodraid2040d ago

Well, technically you don't, you'll just be stuck in cardboard league for the rest of your days.