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"I'm not a Gynecologist, but I'll check anyways. "


I try to make my reviews as professional as possible.... as you can see, I'm not very good at it. Been playing games for about... what is it... 14 years now? It's a fun hobby, well, sometimes it becomes more than a hobby, but uh... that only happens with a few games. I do believe games are an art form, well, some games are art. Killing thousands and thousands of zombies with a chainsaw... while EXTREMELY fun, I don't consider art, just my opinion of course. Hmm...... you may be wondering the origins of my username and profile pic no? We we, I see... well, I typically take time to think of a username that is relevant, humorous, ironic, or cool, being a fan of the series' Mass Effect and Dragon Age, I put one and one together, as for the pic... well, I love Cats, and I love Sunglasses, so once again, I put one and one together. Plus, I love the theme it gives off, giving the thought that I'm essentially "one cool Cat" (I'm not, I'm lame) oh well.

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