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Submitted by john2 1339d ago | news

Crytek believes we'll have CG quality, in-game, graphics in two years - CryEngine Cloud announced

DSOGaming writes: "After that mind-blowing Agnis Philosophy tech demo, here comes Crytek, claiming that CG quality graphics are just around the corner." (Cryengine 3, Crytek, Next-Gen, PC, Tech)

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StayStatic  +   1339d ago
"Let’s hope that Crytek - or another company – will unveil the full capabilities of CryEngine 3 in a PC exclusive game."

Don't toy with my emotions ...
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omarzy  +   1339d ago
maybe on a pc, but not on consoles. that tech demo was better than unreal 4, and unreal engine 4 is only scheduled for pc(currently) i do not see these kinds of graphics for real time game play if the companies actually want people to buy the console they sell. Damn thing would cost a fortune, games would be 80 dollars, and development time would take forever, and be very costly. If they do not make enough money on the game then they dont make another one. these kinds of graphics would be a complete disaster!
Hassassin  +   1339d ago
I don't understand why making extreme graphics translates directly to a costly development cycle.

Now a days (video-game) 3D artists generally make models much more complex than what they finally implement on games, and textures are downscaled from their original high rez versions.

Other effects such as smoke and lightening don't add up too the difficulty; new-gen light may even make things easier as they don't have to use baked light.

Other "next-gen" features are 60fps and FHD (and hopefully 1440p). Which are non-relevant.

Anyways I hope console "next-gen" brigs something substancial to the table. Then I can max out those games on PC.
EDIT:"The engine is meant to be highly efficient, with the goal of drastically changing game development by making games faster and cheaper to produce."
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omarzy  +   1339d ago
hopefully things will change with development costs, but even the devs on ps3 and such are voicing out on costly development. Would most devs want to make that transition? If they can, then all the power to them, but as it is right now, i am not too sure. Now as you said, next gen engines may give developers some advantages in art, and such. Just have to wait until then.

edit: thanks for the source. gives the whole idea more hope
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Yangus  +   1339d ago
Nice,but not only 2-3 hours singleplayer campaign?

-Square Enix's Angi's Philosophy CG quality graphics-Development time this visulas 50-60 hours and huge content FF game...4-5 years..i think.
josephayal  +   1339d ago
Sounds like PS4/XBOX720
chukamachine  +   1339d ago
Still a shame, Resistance 1,2,3 never used cryengine.
momthemeatloaf  +   1339d ago
I want at least 60 frames on consoles next gen, and games to have more color in them.
ninjahunter  +   1339d ago
Might i interest you in the nintendo 64 then?
Raider69  +   1339d ago
i just want smooth play 60fps minimum,Better and more realistic AI,new IPs and more diversity in gameplay and story telling for the next generation of consoles hardware!Frankly i dont give a shit about CGI like graphics at all!Gameplay experience above all!
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CaulkSlap  +   1339d ago
CGI graphics is a meaningless term considering CGI keeps getting better with time. Current CGI will always exceed current games based on the fact that you're rendering hours per screen vs. 30-60fps.
Hassassin  +   1339d ago
Exactly!! ...although I always think in something like those Final Fantasy movies. (or Heck, even the cutscenes)
CGI-Quality  +   1339d ago
For obvious reasons, such an article would interest me. Now that I've finally gotten into PC gaming, seems like this device is already there. Still, today's consoles, I feel, were just the start of some truly mind blowing visuals, and it's all up from here!
Tyre  +   1339d ago
Misleading title...the CG quality graphics in 2 years are unrelated to the Cryengine Cloud, They are 2 seperate announcements, Nextgen hardware AMD/NVidea cards/Nextgen Consoles running able to run Shrek quality CG & the other announcement is the Cryengine coming at a low barrier cost for little developers via their servers via Cloud. Why try to make it look like they are related is manipulating the public perception of the future, pathetic attemp like so many article makers in here...stay objective and honest!
GamingTruth  +   1339d ago
ps3 exclusives to me have been doing cgi quality ingame since launch to me, this is old news if pc is just getting there
Gorbenshore  +   1339d ago
I think this is great news!
RevXM  +   1338d ago
A new iteration of Cry engine!?

Currently I am toying with the Cryengine 3 SDK and it is a lot of fun.
I have made a few simple maps and tested how shit works.
Currently though I have no idea have to move objects,entities, vegetation etc once I have placed it.
Or well I can move Vegetation but only along a fixed line. cant place it freely anymore just slide it back and forth.

And neither do I know how to turn objects around to face different ways before I place them. Cars, houses etc.
Anyone know? I bet its actually really simple.
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ninjahunter  +   1338d ago
Looks like im going to be pushing my overclock another 15%. XD Im gonna push this laptop till it bursts into flames.

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