Nintendo shares fall following E3 presentation

The Japanese stock market has reacted badly to Nintendo’s E3 presentation, with stock in the company falling 2.68 per cent since trading opened today.

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phantomexe2089d ago

i'm not surprised at all, i was really looking forward to picking a wii u up. I'm just not happy with nintendo route. wii fit u at e3 wtf.

wumster2089d ago

I couldn't agree more. I was so excited about this system, but after e3, I have major doubts now. I am hoping that the Tokyo Game Show will fix this.

I was really disappointing in their Wii U showing.

user54670072089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

I was hoping for a Metroid game and then he announced Wii Fit U, I mean I was like "The Wii Fit U...are you serious, this is something you would announce next E3 after you've given the Wii U a ton of core support"

It's basicaly the same game like Wii Fit Plus where they've kept most of the stuff from the first game but added another collection of mini games. All they've done really is add a U to the end of it.

solidjun52089d ago (Edited 2089d ago )

wrong section.

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ATi_Elite2089d ago

Nintendo has really screwed up!

all they needed was an epic Mario Bros, Metroid, Zelda showing but we got none of that.

no one give a rats arse about the 3DS. I see 5 year old kids playing games on Cell phones all the time now.

as far as the stock dropping once Nintendo gets it act together it will go back up and if not then maybe they will get bought out.

fermcr2089d ago

Nintendo's E3 show just saved me some money. It convinced me to not purchase a WiiU and save my money for something else.

cpayne932089d ago

It started off well with pikmin 3 but it just went downhill from there. I am excited about Pikmin 3 and interested in that zombie game, but there isn't much else convincing me to get a wii u. Dancing, singing, and excercise games aren't going to make me want a wii u...

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typikal822089d ago


That presser was terrible. They're still trying to ride the casual wave that died with the Wii's sales.

Anon19742089d ago

I called it. Investors were looking to Nintendo's E3 showing to calm their fears. Sure all stocks are down on worldwide economic worries - but Nintendo had an opportunity to show some strong leadership and direction and change investor's minds. They accomplished none of those things.

ziggurcat2089d ago

i mean, it was a good presentation, but i was expecting to hear about/see the actual tech specs of the wii U. they didn't even mention the console itself, just the remote as they did the previous year.

some of the things that controller can do, though, is pretty impressive.

jacen1002089d ago

They have another software show we might see more at it hopefully more games and wiiU gameplay footage

PR_FROM_OHIO2089d ago

I can honestly say i'm a PlayStation man but i was looking forward to getting the Wii U but after there E3 showing i will not be getting 1 they didn't show me nothing to make me get hype for!!

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