First details for Resident Evil 6 Anthology and Resident Evil 6 Archives

The first details have been revealed for the two upcoming Resident Evil 6 bundles, Resident Evil 6 Anthology on the Playstation 3 and Resident Evil 6 Archives on the Xbox 360.

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WetN00dle692300d ago

WOW!! Seriously?!?!?! The PS3 gamers get the Full RE experience While the 360 gamers get 4 freaking games one of which is lame as ****(Code veronica X lame *** side story!)and an old *** movie and they expect us to pay 89.99 for it F that!

MasterPain2300d ago

Code Veronica isn't a side story. If you actually played it you would know that.

RedDead2300d ago

Veronica was suppose to be RE3, but they held it back for new hardware. RE3 is surprisingly more of a side story.

Anyhow, i'd pick the Ps3 one if I had too. I already have everything from both the Ps3 and Xbox one though including Degeneration, besides Re6 of course

WetN00dle692299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Actually i did play it on my imported Dreamcast. The game only served as a plot hole filler no more no less and it was never a direct sequel to anything. And if i am not mistaken CVX took place after RE2 but before RE3. Still to me it was a Plot Hole Filler Side story. Like it or not i couldnt give jack **** since its my personal opinion!

MasterPain2299d ago

I love how you think your opinion = fact. lol

"Code: Veronica was developed by Capcom Production Studio 4 in collaboration with Nextech and Sega. Project supervisor Yoshiki Okamoto officially announced the game for Sega's Dreamcast console on October 6, 1998. Although Code: Veronica was described by its developers as the genuine sequel to Resident Evil 2, it is not a numbered entry in the Resident Evil series. Okamoto explained this decision with the team's intention to use numbers for games on the PlayStation, and names on other video game systems."

aDDicteD2300d ago

RE:code veronica was as good as part 2, or maybe part 2 is better but still it's as good as the old RE's

GillHarrison2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

You realize the only reason the PS3 get the extra games are because they are the PS1 originals? It's cheaper to give download codes to already complete 15+ year old games than it is to take the time and port them to another console.

user54670072300d ago

What is the actual point of leaving out Code Veronica HD for the PS3 may aswell include it.

Guess this isn't coming to Europe though

Actually wheres the CE...and I mean the normal CE not the over priced one. Is this it ?

DarkBlood2300d ago

yeah i thought that was a little strange ish not to include veronica for ps3 as well and they could easly port the gamecube versions of 1 and 2 and 3

not sure about zero though unless nintendo has some sort of claim on the remakes of 1 as well

user54670072300d ago

Honestly that exclusive thing they have going on with the remakes and Zero must be over by now. Exclusiveness runs out eventualy if your not a first party developer for Sony or MS

DarkBlood2300d ago

yeah they do got that chronicles game coming for ps3 move eseintally having part of zero and the remake of 1 on a different platform

KillerPwned2300d ago

This is an amazing deal for PS3 gamers! I would get it but I already own these games regular edition for me.

smashman982300d ago

have all those games so thats a no for me i only need re6

Myst2300d ago

I don't have RE1-4 or so but have 5 so would be kind of perfect for me. So I guess I may just pre-order this

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The story is too old to be commented.