Feature: The Evolution of Nintendo's Controllers

In over 25 years of home consoles, Nintendo's done more than just produce ever-improving gaming systems that give us more complex, better-looking games: it's also been a major influence on how we play our games. The company has often been responsible for bringing new control schemes to the mainstream, or adapting ideas from others with its own unique touch.

After the leaked redesigned Wii U controller photo caused so much debate over button placements and joysticks, Nintendo Life shows the evolution of Nintendo's controllers from NES to Wii U.

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Y_51502394d ago

My first controller and probably my favorite would be the SNES controller!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2394d ago

---I was there when the 1st one sprang-up out of the Primordial Ooze.
Or was it the ocean? Yeah the ocean- before then there was the dinosaurs but they died off when the Asteroids crashed into that Triangular spaceship. My favorite dinosaurs were called the Atari... Later, came The Nintendo they were wise little mammalprimates and they had robots.
But then came the Sega, the Sega sucked cause they had no robots.


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